Last week, the Internet access to my computer at work stopped. It stopped for no apparent reason and, was very annoying. However, despite it being annoying, and inconvenient it took me a full 7 days to get it fixed.
These were some of the excuses that were running through my head that stopped me from picking up the phone to get help:
1) The customer service people are rude
2) They will have to send someone out to fix it, and I can’t have a technician in my office when I have a client
3) It could be so complicated that there is no solution (this is my melodramatic reasoning :))
Finally today, I picked up the phone, and called the Internet service provider. I spoke to ‘Jason’ a very helpful technical expert who kindly explained step by step everything I needed to do. Within 25 minutes the Internet connection was working again. None of my imagined problems ever happened and of course, if they had they, I could have handled it.

I am still feeling happy hours later that everything is working again and am typing this with a big smile on my face.

Now, I know I am not the ONLY person to experience this type of procrastination! It’s a common theme with my clients.

So I am declaring this week, Blitz Procrastination Week!

Here’s what to do:

1) Draw a list of 7 items you have been procrastination on

2) Every day take action on one item

At the end of week, you will feel as light as a feather, because when you are procrastinating over tasks, they weigh heavily on you. Notice how when you have completed one action your energy level shoots through the roof, in a combination of relief and accomplishment.

After the 7 days is up, and you have got on top of your procrastination, try these additional tips so that your procrastination doesn’t get the better of you again:

1) Do one task you dislike first thing every day. This gets you use to doing things you don’t like to do. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

2) Time how long it takes do to the task. You will be surprised how little time it really takes. One client hated taking his garbage out, and it was becoming an unhygienic problem. Yet when he timed himself, the task took less than 5 minutes, much less time than he imagined. In his head he had built the task up so much it took forever! Now, if he feels procrastination setting in he remind himself, it only takes 5 minutes. That seems do-able and he gets the task done.

Happy Procrastination bursting week 🙂


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