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Have you just been diagnosed with ADHD?
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Did you say YES to either of those questions? Then this book is for you!

When you are new to the topic of Adult ADHD, it can feel like you are drowning in an abundance of information. It’s difficult to prioritize, because everything seems important. The result? You end up feeling overwhelmed and do nothing.

Adult ADHD eBookAdult ADHD 101 is your life-raft out of overwhelm.

It is filled with the questions and answers that people new to ADHD usually ask. It will help you navigate the practical and emotional first steps of your ADHD journey.

Adult ADHD 101 answers questions such as:

– Do Adults really have ADHD?
– What causes ADHD?
– Is ADHD real?

As well as:

– Should you get officially diagnosed with ADHD now that you are an adult?
– Should you tell people you have ADHD?
– What to do if your spouse or family aren’t supportive about your ADHD
– How to treat ADHD.
– Should you take ADHD Medication?
– Which professionals to work with.
– What emotions you might experience throughout your ADHD journey.

And much more!!!


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