As an ADHD coach I am always looking for helpful resources that will help the your  symptoms of adult ADHD. Below are 3 helpful site to make your life easy and even fun.While they aren’t specifically designed as ADHD websites they do target areas of life that many adults with ADHD struggle with.
Remembering things is a real challenge for adults with ADHD.  Passpack is  simple tool that is designed solely for  you to store  all your passwords and user names for all your favourite websites. It’s secure, free, and can be accessed from every computer you use. A word of warning, don’t forget your password to Passpack!!!..because of its secure nature, if you forget this password there is no way to retrieve it.
  Adults with ADHD love watching movies. Perhaps because it’s a good way to escape your busy mind for a couple of hours, or if you are watching a movie at home it keeps you company and makes doing mundane tasks more interesting. However it is easy  return movies late and then incur late fees.
There are companies now that send your chosen movies to you in the mail box. You watch it and return it in a pre-paid envelope. No late fees, and there are 1000’s of movies to choose from. If you live in Canada, is a great service. If you live in another country google ‘movies delivered to your door’ and a similar service will be listed.
Clutter is a huge problem for adults with ADHD! One of the reasons clutter is hoarded in your home is that it can be hard to part with your belongings. Knowing that a special, but no longer used, item of yours is going to a good home really helps to release it. The phrase ‘one mans junk is another mans treasure’ is so true. is a website that allows you to give an item of yours to a person in your area . The idea is that for every item that has found a new home, means one item less in a landfill. Word of warning.. this is a really great resource! and when you see what other people are giving away it can be tempting to want to add belonging to your home… Be mindful of this!
Your challenge this week is to visit each  these ADHD websites and see if you think it would be helpful to your life.

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