A member in the free Untapped Brilliance Facebook group shared she was having problems with the COVID-19 restrictions, particularly with wearing a mask.

Not from a political perspective, but because change can be hard when you have ADHD.

Wearing a mask is a bit like when wearing a seat belt became mandatory. Wearing a seat belt was for everyone’s safety, yet some drivers found it hard to do because they weren’t used to wearing one yet.

I grew up in England where the seat belt law came into effect in 1983. Of all the adults I knew, my Grandma Daisy was the person who found wearing a belt the hardest.

I can remember sitting in the back of her car as a little girl offering ‘helpful’ reminders when she would try to boycott the law. She always had a reason for not wearing one, such as,

“Well, we aren’t going far,”


“No one will notice.”

However, over time she got into the habit of wearing a belt too.

Wearing a mask when you have ADHD can be challenging for a few reasons.

  • Change is hard;
  • Don’t like being told what to do (even by yourself);
  • Completely forget to wear a mask;
  • -Don’t have a mask at hand, left it at home, etc;
  • Find the mask uncomfortable due to ADHD sensitivity.

Pinpointing the exact reason why it’s hard for you is the first step because then you can find the best solution for your problem.

For example, if you don’t feel motivated to wear a mask, research/Google “the germ theory of disease’.

Knowing the reason ‘why’ makes it much easier to take action when you have ADHD.

Also, remind yourself that you are wearing a mask to help protect other people (as well as yourself), and to support the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers in hospitals

This is helpful if you are an ADHDer who finds it easier to do things for other people, rather than for yourself.

If you don’t have a mask at hand when you need one, start keeping masks in lots of different places, for example at work, in your car and by your keys at the front door.

I have a collection of surgical masks in little ziplock plastic bags, and I keep one in all my bags.

If your ADHD sensitivity to smells and fabrics is causing problems, experiment with different types until you find a mask that suits you.

Perhaps thicker fabrics make you hot in the sunny weather, or a certain type of fabric is itchy or a certain style pulls at your ears.

Here I am out and about in Montreal wearing a mask.

How are you finding wearing a mask?


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