The World Wide Web has many awesome tools to help Adults with ADHD combat their challenges and help them to live in a stress free and joyful life. The web is full of useful ADHD tools. Its just a question of finding the right ones.

Earlier this year I recommended 3 useful websites for Adults with ADHD and here are 3 more!

1)  Eating well
Eating healthy food on a regular basis can prove to be incredibly hard when you have ADHD. However, help is at hand with SOS Cuisine. This service takes the brain work out of both what to eat and grocery shopping.  Every week, you receive a meal plan for 7 days of healthy menus and shopping lists too. The menus are perfect if you have Adult ADHD because not only are the meals easy to prepare and healthy, they also include healthy snacks for in between meals too. This keeps your brain in tip top mental capacity.

2) Time Management:
This is the ultimate online to do list and task management tool. This is great for adults with ADHD because while you might lose a notepad, cell phone or blackberry it’s very hard to lose your computer!  You create your lists online and then can access them both from your computer or any of mobile device you enjoy using (e.g. cell phones, i-phone or Blackberry). Reminders of appointments can be sent too. You will feel really organized and on top of all your commitments when you start to use this website.

3) Friends:
This website is no secret to anyone! But, what you might not know is how valuable it can be if you have ADHD.
Maintaining friendships is vital for a happy and healthy life. Adults with ADHD can struggle making or keeping in touch with friends. This is where Facebook comes in. It allows you to reconnect with people from the past that you have lost touch with. Then, if you meet a person that you really got along with, becoming their Facebook friend is an informal way to keep in touch with them. If you aren’t on Facebook already, keep an open mind and consider joining.

This week visit each of these fabulous ADHD tools and see if they will be beneficial in life

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