Do you have Adult ADHD? or do you feel as though you do? then there is a good chance you also have your own buisness. Did you know that adults with ADHD tendencies are 300 % more likely to start their own business than someone that doesn’t have the condition? (Garret Loporto). Plus as AD(H)D is under diagnosed in the adult population there are properly many more entrepreneurs that have the condition who aren’t included in that percentage.

Many successful entrepreneurs with ADHD are household names such as:

  • Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Airlines.
  • Ingvar Kamprad, Swedish Founder and Chairman of IKEA stores.
  • David Neeleman, Founder and CEO of Jet Blue Airways.
  • Paul Orfalea, the Founder and Chairperson of Kinkos

What these successful people have realized is that there are many wonderful gifts to having ADHD symptoms such as:

  • Creativity
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Wonderful sense of humor
  • Fearlessness
  • Passion
  • Energy for life
  • And when you work with those strengths you can be hugely successful in whatever your business is.

Tendencies of ADHD: Free Tele-Class!

A few months ago my friend, colleague and expert business woman, Marcia Hoeck were chatting and we realized that many entrepreneurs (Marcia’s clientele) have ADHD tendencies. This group of people might not have ADHD but they DO have some of the same characteristics (both the gifts and the negative aspects) as adults with ADHD. This conversation resulted in us doing a teleclass together and the feedback we got was enormous.

This is clearly a hot topic!

I am excited to announce that we joined forces again and held a phenomenal free class on May 27th, 2010. Marcia‘s business expertise combined with my ADHD coaching was the the perfect combination for a content rich call with strategies that you can implement straight away.

If you want more information pop over to my site at ADHD Coach and enter your name and email into the box and I will be happy to send you a copy of the free previously recorded tele-class.

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You might also enjoy my virtual workshop “Untapped Brilliance, How to Reach your Full Potential as an Entrepreneur with ADHD” or ADHD tendencies designed specially for people like you. You love working for yourself and being your own boss. You know you are highly creative and talented and smarter than most people you know..YET you just aren’t seeing the success you know you are capable of.

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