A common ADHD symptom I see amongst adults with ADHD is low self-esteem. Self-esteem is related to how we feel and view ourselves. If we feel good about ourselves then it is higher than if we feel bad about ourselves. This self-awareness is part of being human. One of the ways self-esteem is shaped is from the messages we receive from the outside world, mainly the people we interact with. We then process these messages and in turn they affect our self-esteem.

When you have ADHD you tend to experience more criticism and “unpleasant” situations your life than their non-ADHD peers. These experiences begin as a very young child, through teenage years and into adulthood.

Low self-esteem can result in impaired academic and job performance, problems in relationships with the people in your life, anxiety, stress, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse.

The good news is that whatever your self-esteem level is right now, it can be increased! And with increased levels of esteem you feel more confident, happier, feel proud in your accomplishments and much, much more. Don’t worry, this does not mean you will become ‘big headed’ or arrogant. You will still be you, but an improved version of yourself.

Because self esteem is a common ADHD symptom and because increasing it is such a vital key to reaching your potential as an adult with Adult I have written a few articles to help you raise yours.

Below you will find links to all the articles on this blog relating

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Interestingly when I start working with adults with ADHD their self esteem starts to increase almost straight away. Its a wonderful side effect of knowing you are now taking action on the issues that were bothering you.

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