There are lots of research and data on the subject of ADHD supplements. It can get confusing as to what supplements are ‘must have’ to help your ADHD symptoms and which ones aren’t really necessary. As an ADHD Coach I like to keep things really simple, because I know it is often to hard to remember to take ADHD supplements and replenish them when you run low. So the only  dietary ADHD supplements I suggest is Omega 3.

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that our brain needs to function properly. Research shows that if your brain has the appropriate level of fatty acids it helps to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. This means you will notice an increase in concentration, calmness, and memory function, reduction in feel ‘blue’ and much more.

Official research has found that the benefits of taking Omega 3 can be seen in about a month. However on an anecdotal level, my ADHD coaching clients very often experience positive benefits in as little as a week.  When deciding which brand purchase, look for one that is mercury free. A common question is ‘How much should I take?’  Simply follow the instructions on the label of the product you buy, as there are different strength capsules out there.  When choosing your Omega 3 supplement you might notice that as well as Omega-3 there is also Omega-6. Omega-6 is much easier to consume in your diet so as long as you are eating a typical western diet you will be getting you enough of this essential fatty acid.

If you find that you have forgotten to take your Omega-3 for a day or 2 or longer, don’t feel bad, simply start again once you realize.


1. Go to your local pharmacy or health food store and buy an Omega-3 supplement.

2. Follow the instructions on the package about how much to take and how often.

3. Notice and enjoy the benefits!

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