What are your ADHD strengths?  Knowing what they are is really powerful because it helps you to celebrate the good things about you.

That doesn’t mean you are glossing over the challenges; you’re just creating a balanced view of yourself.

Classic and well-known ADHD strengths include

  • Lots of energy
  • Thinking outside the box

However, ADHD strengths are much more diverse than that, and they often go against the stereotypical view of ADHD.

For example, it is generally thought that tasks requiring attention to detail are hard for ADHDers, but some of the best proof readers I know have ADHD and spotting spelling and grammar errors is fun for them.

I asked Untapped Brilliance blog readers what their ADHD strengths are, and I received some fabulous responses. You can see them below.

In addition to people with ADHD, there are 2 quotes from readers who are married to an ADHDer and are mom’s to grown-up ADHD children.

After reading them, leave a note in the comments to let us know what your ADHD strengths are!

ADHD Strengths

Good at thinking up solutions to problems and a brainstorming whiz.


People with adhd are always scanning the environment. I’ll share an anecdote:

I walked into a dorm room once. There were 5 people all looking around the floor, One of them said “watch where you step, someone’s contact just fell out”.

They’d been looking for a minute or two. Without missing a beat – having satisfyingly scanned the entire floor as a whole while they looked bit by bit – I immediately pointed it out to them and then turned and walked out thinking “non-ADDers”.

That’s my anecdote, recounted with appropriate ADD flourish.


  • Being able to run a scenario through in my head from start to finish just like a movie and like Dr Strange give you all the possible outcomes:…This works well in meetings

  • Like Sherlock Holmes: seeing everything

  • Being able to forget.. lol makes it easier to forgive and move on

  • My sense of humour…

  • To be fully engaged in the moment once excited.

  • To be easily excited about something… I could make an Eskimo get excited over ice

  • Being able to connect all the dots before others and then further to connect another dot they didn’t even know existed

  • To provide excellent analogies.

  • To see things from someone else’s point of view… because I can drop effortlessly into their world.

  • To love you like it’s the first time falling in love with you every time.

  • Being wild and fun

  • Understanding friends that are not good with the “call me every day” thing and being ok with it because… well I’m that friend

  • Empathy!

  • Billions and billions of ideas!!! non-stop!

  • Being able to escape to another world (distraction and daydream) when ‘normal people’ can’t

  • Being able to truly enjoy movies… because I’m in them lol

  • Being able to relate to my daughter better than any non-ADHD adult ever could… because hey, I can be 5 and 34 in the same day!

  • Me! I’m my biggest ADHD strength!!! and many many times I fail to see that…


My ADD strength is in the area of music.  From a very early age, I hyper focused whenever I heard music.  My dad played classical, showtunes, and folk.  When I was in early elementary, I could sing Peter, Paul and Mary with perfect pitch.  During the 60s and 70s, I was obsessed with the creative rock I heard ( a good friend tells me a mild obsession is a lovely thing!). My other hyperfocus was reading literature and writing.  Although I became a teacher, eventually the music came back in to my life.  I met my wonderful husband, who is a musician when I was in my late 40s.  We have fronted three bands, and write our own music.


I think that some of my ADHD Strengths include being really good at puzzles of all kinds. I can spot patterns, shapes, and differences in colours where others seem to miss them. I think this is related to the fact that my worst/best distractions are visually related. This visual acuity also seems to help me spot birds, unique flowers, and animals while on my hikes.

Another strength that I feel is related to my ADHD is that I am obsessed with understanding the why/how behind historical events and even in fictional stories. I love timelines and understanding how characters (both real and fictional) get to where they are. That sort of “need to know” permeates other areas as well and I often won’t rest until I feel I understand the background of something. I feel this gives me unique insights into events and people that other people miss out on. It piggy backs on the puzzle thing as well as I need to have all the pieces fit and make sense or I am unsettled.


One of my ADHD assets is spelling and being a wordsmith


Because I have ADHD *with executive functioning disorder*, unfamiliar signage, forms, charts, maps or websites can jam my brain at first sight, which creates a great aversion to exploring further. But because of this, I have a great sense for clean, balanced, user-friendly design and easy way finding. I am a great colleague to test the design of signage, or a new web page or digital screen on. I can identify places where the design might be busy, confusing, or distracting, font styles and sizes and colors that might be easier to digest, and ask questions that help identify what important information might be missing for easier way finding


I’m good at figuring things out. I’m good at looking at situations differently.


My husband  of 48 years and daughter are ADD so I have observed a lot of ADD weaknesses and strengths


They are very peripherally aware——they notice everything going on around them.

This could be both helpful and dangerous cities or in forests—  Also, it can be fun in that they notice beautiful things that I, in my focus, could miss.  My daughter can spot every person she knows in an auditorium in 5 minutes—-

They are very loyal to those they love–more so than non ADDers

They have an innocence that continues into adulthood that is refreshing and endearing

There’s more but this is it for now!


I do not have ADHD, but my husband and son do, and a strength of theirs is their caring for others.


What are your ADHD strengths?

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