When I was studying psychology, I came across a fascinating study about memory. A group of people who identified themselves as having a good memory were closely studied.

After observing them at home and in their workplace, researchers found this group didn’t have a better memory than other people.

Instead they had created an environment that supported their memory. For example, if they ran out of milk, they had a visual reminder as a memory prompt so they remembered to buy more milk.

This was before iPhones and apps, so their reminder systems were simple, old school methods such as lists on note paper.

Their systems were so effortless they didn’t even know they had them. They just thought it was their excellent memory.

For some reason, people with ADHD do the opposite. Rather than having supportive systems in place, they feel they need to punish themselves and do things the hard way. They feel they ‘should’ remember, or ‘should’ be organized, which leads to a more complicated and stressful life than is necessary.

Today’s article has a practical suggestion to make life easier and also offers encouragement to start looking for other ways to make your life easier, more supportive and less complicated.

Every day when I head to my office I take my iPhone and laptop with me.  Ideally I will have charged them overnight. However, when I forgot, I would be heading out the door with 50% battery life.  This is a problem as I spend a lot of my day on Skype with clients, sending emails or writing articles and not having a working computer would result in a very bad day.

If I realized my batteries were low when I was still home I could take my chargers with me; however, I wouldn’t always notice until I was setting up my laptop at the office. Then for the rest of the day I would be doing complicated math sums, figuring out if I had enough juice to get me through the day.

On one of these days I had a brainwave. Why not get a duplicate set of chargers and leave them at work?

It was so simple and yet made a huge difference to my life. It was only when I got the second set did I realize just how much of my time I had spent  thinking about cables and  battery life, which is crazy because there are so many more fun and interesting things to be thinking about.

What duplicate items could you get that would make your life easier?

Here are some suggestions:

– Phone chargers, one for work, home and car

– Other chargers… such as laptops, kindle, etc.

– Medications


– If you spend time at another person’s house (boyfriend / girlfriend), have important items there too, including underwear, hairdryer, razer, make up.

– If you are a frequent traveler, have a duplicate toiletry bag to be kept in your suitcase.


  • What duplicate items could you get that would make your life easier? Get them and put them in the different places you spend time in.
  • Duplicates are just one example of how you can make your life easier.  This week, be on the lookout for other things you can do that will make your life less complicated and more supportive for yourself. Don’t feel you have to struggle.
  • Leave a comment below with your ideas so other readers can try them out too!


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