A few weeks ago, Jobbio.com asked if I would write a guest blog post for them about ADHD in the workplace. Always happy to spread the word about ADHD, I said yes.

The article is called

8 Ways Employers can Make The Workplace More ADHD-Friendly

The article is for bosses and managers who have ADHD employees on their team.

However! Even if you aren’t a manager or boss it is still worth reading as it has some ideas for you too.


  • Insights on why you might have loved and thrived in some jobs but not others.
  • Characteristics of a good boss for ADHDers.
  • What sort of requests you could make to help you focus and be  productive in the workplace.     (If you haven’t told your boss you have ADHD, that’s okay. You don’t need to reveal your ADHD diagnosis to make these requests.)
  • Why it’s okay to ask a few clarification questions after a meeting to get the logistics organized in your mind.
  • Why you might find yourself saying yes to lots of projects.
  • How moving around the office a little helps ADHD symptoms.

Click here to read the article! 

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