How to Set Goals for 2013 When You Have Adult ADHD

It’s that time of year! You know, when we look at our lives and think what changes we want to make in the New Year.

However if you are an Adult with ADHD, you might feel you are always setting goals but never taking action or taking enough action. This leaves you and those around you frustrated. You might even have gotten to the point where you dare not tell people your goals because they don’t believe you any more… Or even worse, you dare not even admit what you want to yourself.

I hear this so much I decided to do something about it because goal setting can very powerful when you have ADHD.

Goals keep you focused on what is important in your life.

Without goals your natural default position is to be fighting fires every day and you lose control of your time. Do you ever feel like this? It becomes a vicious cycle.

Setting and achieving goals, however boasts your confidence and self esteem and you discover that you can begin to trust yourself again.

And this is why I’ve created a special (and free!) mini-course on How to Set Goals for 2013. I will help and guide you so you can:

  • Know what goals to pick even if your mind is blank right now.
  • Take action on your goals
  • Stick with your goals from beginning, middle and end

…and more!

I work with Adults with ADHD every day, I have heard all the ‘yeah buts’ of why this sort of thing won’t work for you. However if you follow each step I promise it will!!

The course is in bite size 10 minute lessons and spread over several days. Not only will it help you, it’s free, painless AND FUN!

So sign up for FREE here and start making sure 2013 is your best year yet!


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