Eating a healthy diet can be challenging even for the most organized person with loads of free time. So for ADHD dietsomeone with ADHD, consuming a healthy diet is an extra challenge.  However it is extra important for you, as not only is eating healthy foods good for your long term health, it also helps to manage your ADHD.

There are some complex,and extreme ‘ADHD diets’ that claim they can do all sorts of incredible things for your ADHD, For example, the Feingold  diet, which is a strict elimination diet with no artificial coloring, flavouring, sweeteners, and preservatives can help ADHD behavior. However, this is a very complex diet and there are mixed views as to how helpful it actually is.

I believe in great results for as little effort  as possible. The following guideline are for the ADHD diet that has proven very effective with my clients.

You will have more mental energy, clarity of thought, focus and increased attention, less emotional turbulence and less anxiety.

Once you have mastered these, and feel ready for the challenge of a more extreme diet, you can experiment, however usually it is not required.

Here are the guidelines:
1) Whole foods (not processed)
2) Brown not white ( rice, pasta, bread)
3) Omega 3, from natural sources (eg fish, rather than foods than have added them artificially)
4) Good quality protein, ( fish, chicken and eggs, rather than processed meat, hot dogs)
Sugar ( gives you a high and then a low, zapping your energy)
Simple Carbohydrates, ( white bread etc, acts the same as sugar)
Eat Protein with every meal, particularly breakfast
Eat regularly  throughout the day, ( brain stays fully nourished )
Drink lot of water
Drink Caffeine in moderation
Feel discouraged if you have a bad food day
This week, start to make some changes to your diet. Even small changes will help you feel more alert and focused and happy. If you need more information on the ADHD diet and how to implement it into your life, check out the book Untapped Brilliance.

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