What’s happening in your part of the world in terms of COVID-19?

And how is it affecting you and your ADHD?

Here in Montreal we have gone back into lockdown. It’s not quite as strict as it was in March because the schools and business are still open.

However, restaurants, bars and gyms are closed. Plus, there is no socializing inside or outside the home with anyone except for the people you live with.

Lots of people with ADHD are excellent in a crisis.

Back in March when lockdowns first started, while not pleasant, you might have found you rose to the challenge, and in many ways coped better than your non-ADHD friends.

It’s a little bit different now, 7 months later.

On one hand, we know more about the transmission of COVID-19. So while it’s still serious, it feels less scary. Knowledge is power.

On the other hand, your emotional reserves are lower.

Not seeing family and friends, doing your usual fun hobbies, or skipping your annual traditions can all creep up on you and leave you feeling depleted.

Plus, home schooling, caring for elderly relatives, and changes to your work situation can all be stressful and affect your ADHD symptoms.

If you are feeling tearful, anxious or frustrated, know you aren’t alone.

Now is a great time to go back to what helped in March.

Limit your news intake so that you feel informed but not anxious.

  • Exercise outside for at least 20 minutes every day, in the morning if at all possible.
  • Stay connected to your loved ones even if you can’t do in-person visiting.
  • If you think you might be depressed, visit your doctor.

Stay safe.

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