How to Get Great Grades When you Have ADHD

Jacqueline Sinfield: Adult ADHD Coach and Author

Jacqueline Sinfield: Adult ADHD Coach and Author

Did you know that fewer adults with ADHD  to go to college than their non ADD peers? And those that DO attend have a lower graduation rate?

These are depressing stats. Particularly when ADDers are just as smart.

Not getting good grades in college is stressful and can lead to  frustration anger and ultimately loss of confidence and self esteem.

There are very real physical reasons why studying is hard when you have ADHD. AND it  has nothing to do with intelligence or lack of effort. ADHD affects how you’re the executive part of your brain functions (located in  the frontal lobes) operate. This means as a student you have:

  • Difficulty concentrating (in class and writing papers etc)
  • Difficultly  remembering information
  • Poor concept of time. You might miss classes, or not know how long a task will take
  • Difficulty with forward planning : managing your course load and preparing for exams difficult
  • Lack of motivation for uninteresting tasks
  • Difficultly getting started on tasks

Despite these very real problems ADHD students face, there are ways to manage these challenges so you can get the grades you deserve and graduate from university.

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Jacqueline Sinfield
Adult ADHD Coach and Author

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