V3_UntappedBrillianceJacqueline SinfieldUntapped Brilliance: How to Reach Your Full Potential
as an Adult with ADHD


 Control Your ADHD and Reach Your Goals
An ADHD-Friendly Book to Train your Brain

Imagine if you could tame your ADHD. Think what your life would be like if you achieved everything you knew you were capable of.

ADHD can really get in the way of your success. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You are constantly running from one thing to the next, and always 10 minutes late.
  • You can never find what you need in your clutter and paper piles.
  • Even if you do have an uninterrupted hour, your mind can’t focus on that important report work.
  • You feel scattered, overwhelmed and anxious.
  • You are constantly saying sorry for being late or forgetting something.
  • You feel like you are always letting your family and friends down.

When you are always 2 steps behind in your own life, you end up feeling that you are constantly under-achieving. That’s really de-motivating, frustrating and confidence crushing.

I have good news!
Your life doesn’t have to be like this!!

The reason why adults with ADHD don’t reach their potential is because their ADHD characteristics are sabotaging them.What if you were on time for all your appointments?

Image if woke up with the alarm and didn’t feel tired!

Wouldn’t it be great if you felt respected and loved by your friends and family?

What if you could trust yourself to follow through on the important things?

Image if you felt your ADHD didn’t have a mind of its own; that you were back in control of your life.

Wouldn’t it be great if didn’t feel ashamed about your cluttered home (because there wasn’t any)!

What if you started to work towards your goals, and saw results?

Want to know a secret?

Treating your ADHD isn’t complicated, frightening or involve weird ingredients. Everything I share is very simple, and straightforward. In fact, some people think it seems too simple to make a difference. That is, until they try it. Then, they are total converts too. Some people in the media like to use scare tactics, but there is nothing scary here! Plus, anything you might need to buy is affordable and available at your local grocery store. Although you might already have the things sitting in your fridge and bathroom and just haven’t been using them.


Here are the types of things you’ll learn in the book:

Learn ADHD-friendly how-to life skills such as: time management, productivity techniques and how to de-clutter.

Have people in your life that love you just the way you are, and why that is important.

Increase your confidence, self-esteem to a whole new level.

Identify and begin achieving your life goals.

Learn the non-pharmaceutical ways to treat ADHD and how to incorporate them into your life, and much, much more.

Everything is broken down into 11 steps.

When you implement these steps, you peel away all the sabotaging factors that were blocking your success, and you can finally start to reach your potential.

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Way back in 2007, I was frustrated because I couldn’t find a straightforward, comprehensive book for adults (not children) with ADHD that I could refer to my clients and blog readers.

I wanted the book to be:

  • Easy to read
  • Be more than just a description of what Adult ADHD is
  • Focus on every aspect of Adult ADHD; not just one. E.g. organizing or nutrition
  • Include ADHD-friendly strategies to stop challenges from being problems

When I couldn’t find the book I was looking for, I decided to write it!

Once I had made the decision to write a book, I knew exactly what the content was! It would be the 11 steps of the coaching system I created, and had been using for myself and coaching clients which got such great results.

The 11 steps solve a problem I heard again and again.

‘I have so much potential, but I just can’t seem to achieve what I know I am capable of’.

I could see for myself how amazing each person was. However, their untamed ADHD symptoms were making it hard work just maintaining status quo; let alone any movements forward. In two words, ‘Untapped Brilliance’ describes and positions this beautifully. One reader said that of all the books on ADHD she had read, this one was the first with a positive title.

Since it was first published in 2008, Untapped Brilliance has helped 1000’s of people.


As a first time author, it was hard to release Untapped Brilliance into the world. I was used to interacting with my clients one-on-one; and now, I had to let Untapped Brilliance take over.

Can’t get past the first few pages of a book?

One concern I had was many Adults with ADHD don’t get past the first few pages of the books they buy. Or they get distracted and don’t know what they just read. Untapped Brilliance was written with this in mind so that readers could access the content easily. I have heard over and over again, ‘Jacqui! This is the first book I have ever read cover to cover’.

I feel this is the first book that actually caters to the distracted mind! The paragraphs are short & concise, yet packed with wonderful ideas that are not only helpful but “do-able”.

“Thank you, Jacqui, for speaking my language! Saturday 12:30- I open the book with a feeling of excitement that maybe, just maybe, my life will begin to change. As I read the forwards from others, my excitement builds. I turn to Chapter 1 and before I know it I’m on Chapter 5 (that doesn’t usually happen with me and self-help books. I am constantly re-reading as I get distracted and, when I get to the end of the page; realize I have no idea what I just read!). I actually finished Untapped Brilliance on Sunday!” ~Jeanne 52, Full time Mum

This book is never far from my side

My other concern was that I couldn’t check in with every reader (like I can with clients) to help them implement actions to see results. I hoped readers would keep Untapped Brilliance by their side as a daily reminder to take action and not tucked away on a bookcase. That concern quickly evaporated when I started getting messages like this!

“…this book is never far from my side to refer back to and get me back on track. There are truly so many valuable pieces of information that make a difference in everyday life.”

My final concern was a biggie.

Would people get the similar results to my in-person clients?

Again, a huge yes!

“As an adult who is easily distracted and whose mind flits from place to place to place quicker than lightning, I love Untapped Brilliance. It is chock full of simple and highly effective ways to minimize my unwanted ADHD symptoms and tap into brilliance.” ~Bonnie Hutchinson


“I absolutely love your book! I learned a lot from it. YOU are my ‘go-to’ expert in this domain!” ~Joe Criso, Business owner.


“I can commend the steps described in Jacqueline’s book: they have greatly improved my quality of life, beyond what words can tell…” ~M.L., a 60-year-old Special Education Teacher



“Having read and followed the advice in Untapped Brilliance, I have gone from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by day to day activities to finally getting my life in order and actually achieving my goals. Buy this book! It will change your life!!” ~40-year-old H.R Director

Spouses of adults with ADHD also found Untapped Brilliance useful.

“As a spouse of someone with ADD, I found this book very interesting and informative. It was helped me to better understand ADD, and how I can help my husband.” ~49-year-old female Manager

Untapped Brilliance also is a hit with adults that didn’t have ADHD or even ADHD tendencies.

“An easy to read step-by-step guide on how to lead a more productive & enriched life. With chapters on how goal setting, connecting with others, having fun, better nutrition & exercise (to name but a few) help us to lead a more fruitful life. The message this book conveys is as applicable to those Adult with ADHD or without!” ~Lisa M. USA (39-year-old female without ADHD)


Untapped Brilliance is available in paperback or digital version.

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About Jacqueline Sinfield and Untapped Brilliance

JacquiAs well as being a registered nurse, Jacqueline is a qualified counselor, has a degree in psychology (Hons) from London, England and is a graduate of Coach University. Her expertise has been featured in the media, including CJAD radio and the Montreal Gazette. Her first ADHD book, “Untapped Brilliance: How to Reach your Full Potential as an Adult with ADHD”, has been endorsed by Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Gabor Mate. She also has her own radio show which airs every Monday.

She has helped hundreds of adults with ADHD all around the world and lives in her all time favorite city, Montreal, Canada.

You can get your copy HERE!

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