Today is Thanksgivings for our US readers – so a big Happy Thanksgiving!

This year has been unexpected,,  so wherever you are in the world,  now is the perfect time to count our blessings and be thankful for all the good things in our lives.

A few years ago  I met a friend for breakfast.

He radiated happiness, fun and energy. This wouldn’t be worth mentioning were in not for the fact that his happiness is a new thing.

For about 2 years he wasn’t particularly enjoying life, nothing bad had happened, he was healthy, happily married, a good job, a nice home. However, he was bored with life, he was going through the motions, without enjoying it.

Of course, I wanted to know what had changed!

Everything seemed to be the same, same job, etc. However, for the last 6 months he has been writing down 5 things he is grateful for every day.

The results are life changing.

By a happy coincidence, I had just finished reading the book ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne. She explains how practicing gratitude for what is in your life is transformational, both in terms of how happy you feel, and in attracting what you do want in your life.

ADDers are very hard on themselves.

They are critical of themselves, their achievements, and how successful their life is or isn’t.

They don’t acknowledge what they have done in the past and what is going well now.

While taking a few minutes each day to feel grateful might seem very a simplistic solution, practicing gratitude helps with those traits. It makes you realize what is going well right now,as well as what has gone right in the past, too.

It means you can own your achievements and feel good about yourself.

Why don’t you take a few minutes right now and think what you do have to be grateful for?

This might sound cliché, but when you do this, you realize just how good your life is.

It turns a black mood into a happy one, and lifts your energy so you can tackle any problem that comes up.

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