The core  symptoms of ADHD hyperactivity, inattentiveness and impulsivity can show up in every area of your life including driving, studying, your relationships and of course managing your inbox.

Managing an inbox is more than learning standard organizing and time management strategies.

It’s about understanding how your ADHD symptoms show up in relation to email, AND then using ADHD-friendly strategies that are do-able for you, so you can be productive and have peace of mind.

Do you…

*Have thousands of emails in your inbox?

*Find it takes a long time to write replies to email, because of perfectionist tendencies?

*Miss important emails and then have a frantic ‘catch up’ phase as you put things right?

*Find composing an email takes a long time because it’s hard for you to get your thoughts out of your head and into writing?

*Have an uneasy feeling, whenever you check your email, that you forgot something important and are in trouble?

*Run out of time and mental energy to read all your email subscriptions, but feel you would be missing out if you unsubscribe?

*Have an ‘intuitive’ or guesswork style to processing your inbox? You respond to the emails that look the most urgent, but sometimes miss important ones?

*Find email takes so much time that you don’t get time to work on important projects or items on your to-do list?

*Procrastinate on writing emails because you think you will be telling the person things they don’t want to hear?

*Feel unsure how to organize or declutter your inbox because it feels such a big job?


I have been helping individual clients with their email management for over a decade. My clients range from super users, who get hundreds of emails a day, to more casual emailers who use email as a way to keep in touch with friends.

That is why The Email Club! was created. I decided to put all that knowledge into a comprehensive step by step system that will help you to feel in control of your inbox and your life!

Even if you have never been able to keep on top of emails before, or have tried techniques in the past that didn’t work or weren’t sustainable, it is possible to tame your inbox!

The Email Club is now part of The Untapped Brilliance Club membership program! Click here to learn more:

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