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ADHD and sleep problems often go hand in had when you have Adult ADHD. The reasons vary from not being able to switch your mind off to the medication you are taking. If you have ADHD and sleep problems, then no caffeine near bedtime and no stimulating brain activities two hours before bed are all tips you are familiar with. This article addresses other strategies for a good night’s sleep.

Fresh Air

Fresh air is a great way to experience deep, satisfying sleep. It is easy to spend the day going from one man-made environment to the next. We make these environments pleasant with heating or air conditioning, and can go from home, to the car, to work, to the gym and back home without ever spending much time breathing in fresh air. It’s important to ensure you get fresh air into your lungs during the day. Also, leave your bedroom window open a little at night to keep the fresh air entering your body even while you sleep.
Essential Oils

Essential oils can have a powerful effect on the body and lavender oil has been found to be helpful when it comes to sleep. Scientific evidence has shown that lavender oil encourages relaxation, reduction of anxiety and improvement of the quality of sleep. Plus it’s very easy to use. You can pop a couple of drops of the oil into your bath before bed or pour a few drops on a handkerchief and tuck it inside your pillow case.
Get a Great Mattress

Mattresses are the most important item of furniture in your home. Not only is it the item you use the most, if you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep then the quality of your whole life is affected. Everyone has their own preference of what a comfortable mattress is – hard, soft, medium, etc. When you are choosing a mattress, take into account your preferences and also remember it’s hard to sleep when your mattress is too small for your body size.
BeddingMake sure your bedding is made of natural fibres rather than synthetic choices. This is because it’s important that your body can breathe at night, and that it can regulate your temperature. If you become too hot you will sweat and if you become too cool you will shiver, both of which disturb your sleep. Cotton, wool and even silk are great choices.
Body and Mind

If your day didn’t stretch and stimulate you mentally and physically, your ability to both fall and stay asleep will be affected. So make sure you tax your brain and your body every day. That could be taking up a new physical activity or joining a club or doing the New York Times crossword.

The ADHD Coach action steps for getting a good night’s sleep are

  1. Spend time each day breathing in fresh air.
  2. Open your bedroom window a little.
  3. Buy some lavender oil.
  4. Assess your mattress… is it time for a new one?
  5. Check your bedding. If it’s man-made, invest in some new linen.
  6. Set yourself a mental and physical challenge every day.

Sweet dreams.



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