Have you heard the term ‘revenge bedtime’?

It’s when you delay going to bed to have some ‘me time’ to do the fun/relaxing things you didn’t have a chance to do during the day.

It often happens to ADHDers with very busy structured schedules, long work hours, or other responsibilities that leave you with no time for yourself during the day.

As a result, you might stay up late doing activities you enjoy, like watching Netflix, browsing social media, and playing video games.

You might be spending time with friends, but most likely, you are by yourself and enjoying the quiet alone time now that everyone is in bed and the world feels quiet.

By staying up late, you “take revenge” on your daytime restrictions.

Although having time to yourself is important, so is sleep!

When revenge bedtime is part of your daily life, it can lead to a pattern of insufficient sleep, which can increase your stress levels, reduce focus and concentration and effect your overall well-being.

3 Reason’s Why ADHDers Revenge Bedtime!

1. A Coping mechanism for stress:

Revenge bedtime may be a subconscious coping mechanism you developed for the stress and anxiety accumulated throughout the day.

Engaging in enjoyable activities can provide temporary stress relief and a way to escape reality for a while

2.A dislike of bedtime routines (even though you know they are helpful!)

Revenge bedtime may give you a sense of autonomy and freedom from routine.

You might rebel against a structured bedtime routine because you find it tedious or dull to follow consistently.

3. Overwhelm during the day:

The demands of daily life, including work, school, and responsibilities, can be overwhelming when you have ADHD

Late at night, when the external pressures and distractions have diminished, you may feel a sense of calm for the first time all day,

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