Money management is very difficult for ADHD adults and this results in some rather depressing statics. For example, people with ADHD have more:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • Credit card debit
  • Periods of unemployment

help with saving money for adult addand do more:

  • Impulsive spending
  • Arguing with spouse about money

more so, than the average person.

They are also less likely to:

  • Have savings
  • Have a retirement plan

than there non ADHD peers. People with ADD also have lots of negative emotions connected to money. They feel guilty, ashamed, and embarrassed that they don’t earn as much as they would like, that they have debt, or overspend.

However, there are physical reasons why money management is hard for ADDer’s. The executive functioning of the brain is impaired when you have ADHD. Which means, detailed orientated work, emotional regulation, impulse control, organizing and time management are also impaired and don’t function like they do in non ADDers.  If we look how these executive functions effect money management, it’s clear why problems occur. For example, money management is detailed orientated, completing taxes requires organizing, and low impulse control results in over spending.

No matter what your financial situation is, don’t feel bad about it. Negative emotions, such as guilt and shame only make you feel worse. Change is possible and the best way to turn negative emotions around is to empower yourself with knowledge. The following steps will help you to that. Here are 5 tips to help you take control of you money right now, no matter what your age:

1) Take stock
Take an honest look at your financial situation right now.
It’s better to know exactly what you are dealing with rather than have general anxiety about the unknown. Dig out your bank statements, savings, credit card bills, pension statements, etc so you know exactly what your money situation is.

2) Work with Financial professionals
They are there to help you. An accountant and financial adviser are essentials, but you might benefit from a book keeper or other professionals depending on your lifestyle. Choose them carefully. Not only do they need to be good that their job, they also need to have kind, non-judgmental personalities.

3a) Online banking
Sign up for online banking. This allows you to check your balance very easily. I recommend once a day. When you monitor your account regularly you are in touch with your money and spend less without even trying.

3b)Pay your bills online.
ADDers find this is much easier than the multi-step task of opening mail, writing a cheque, finding a stamp and remembering to post the envelop in a timely fashion.

4) Create a budget
The word budget usually fills people with dread. However, rather than a bad constraining thing, a budget allows you to spend money on the things without feeling guilty; pay bills and save for the future.

The best budget tool for ADHDers”You Need a Budget” or YNAB. This is a budget tool with a difference. It will actually get you excited about budgeting. You feel empowered and it’s fun to use. Check it out.

5) Change your views about money
Money is an emotion loaded topic. Some people love it, others hate it, yet it’s merely a tool we use to exchange goods and services with. We could use cows or bread, but money is more convenient. When you take emotion out of the topic of money it is much easier to address.

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