Ever since I became an ADHD coach, I have been on a constant quest to find ways to make meditation easier for ADHD adults.

Why? Because  although meditation for adults with ADHD sounds like a contradition in terms, it can be beneficial. Meditation does wonders to minimize the negative effects of ADHD.

It increases concentration:

  • It decreases impulsivity.
  • It increases cognitive functioning.
  • It decreases mood swings.
  • It decreases stress and anxiety.
  • It promotes healthy sleep and self confidence.

When that happens, you feel happier, and more in control of your life. Plus the gifts of ADHD can shine brightly.So I want to share this great audio with you.

Yesterday my collegue Marcia Hoeck and I interviewed fellow Montrealer, Dr. Joe Flanders who specializes in Mindfulness Meditation. He explained how to use Mindful Meditation to your advantage when you are an adult with ADHD.

1) How easy it is.

2) The best time of day to practise it.

3) Why Mindful Meditation is so powerful, and the science behind it.

4) You don’t have to sit still.
5) How it helps stress and anxiety, confidence, and much much more. Perhaps the most powerful message of all was that you haven’t failed if your busy  mind jumps around.

Dr. Joe uses the analogy of working out at a gym. Every time your brain jumps to another thought and you bring
it back, it is as though you have done a rep with your weights. This is a good thing.  He also walks us through a 5-minute meditation so you can practise all the new tips straight away. So if you struggled with meditation in the past,  with these simple yet powerful strategies you won’t anymore!!!

Here is the link again


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