ADHD and Mind MapsMind maps are a great tool to use when you have adult ADHD as they help you to organize information in a visual way this in turn allows you to process the information, understand it, and remember it. Mind maps work so well for ADDers because they tend to be visual people, and a colourful mind map helps clarity of thought and memory.

Each mind map is created around a central topic and then from that sub-concepts branch from it. You can add as many branches and sub-concepts, and branches from the sub-concepts until you have documented all the information.

You can create mind maps on the most basic subjects to very complicated subjects. Shopping lists, organizing a family vacation, group projects, school assignments, presentation for work, speeches, note taking, and reviewing for exams are just a few examples.

Mind maps allow you to ‘map’ out your thoughts and ideas. They help you to organize information because you can see clearly what is related to what, and therefore, encourage brainstorming and creative thinking. In contrast, lists are linear and can stifle that broader thinking.

Although a visual map of thinking of have been around for 100’s of years, Mind maps were made popular by Tony Buzan, a UK psychologist.

There are 2 ways you can create your mind maps, on a piece of paper, or use a mind mapping software…this is the one I use and recommend,

This week try creating 1 mind map on a topic that is causing you to worry or feel overwhelmed. When it’s out of your mind and on a mind map you will feel tons better!

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