I  am a huge fan of hypnosis because it has helped me with many problems over the years. From healing a sports injury, developing a writing habit to running regularly.


Hypnosis helps to reprogram your subconscious so you can take actions on the things you are feeling resistance to. You can download them onto your phone and listen as often as you need to.

The company I have used since Spring 2011 is hypnosis downloads.com  

Recently I looked at my ‘purchase history,’ which lists all the hypnosis I bought and listened to over the years. I was surprised to see some of the topics because they are such a big part of my life now; I had forgotten that they were ever a problem.

For example, on May 6th 2015, I got the hypnosis’ keep running’ because I wanted to run regularly. Since then, I have run ten half marathons, and 2  full marathons and 1 ultra marathon. I run at least five times a week, and running is fun for me. It’s hard to remember a time when I needed help to feel motivated to run.

(here I am with 1 mile left to run at the London Marathon)

On January 16th, 2015 I got the ‘ write regularly’ hypnosis because I wanted writing to be a daily habit. Now I write every day (except for some Sundays)

I use Grammarly to help with my grammar and spelling.

Each week they send me a fun report called ‘Your Weekly Writing Update.’ I have usually written more than 85% of other Grammarly users. Not that is a competition, but it’s a helpful reminder that I am achieving the writing goal that 2015 Jacqui set herself.

One of the first ever hypnosis I got was ‘strengthen your immune system.
Back in 2011, I kept getting head colds.
I would recover from one and then get another one.

One Saturday, I could feel another cold starting. I had friends visiting from out of town, and I really didn’t want to get sick. So I got the hypnosis download  lay on my sofa and listened to it before heading to meet my friends at the train station.

I didn’t get another cold (for a good year), and I still listen to that hypnosis whenever I feel like my body might be fighting something off.

I have recommended Hypnosis downloads to many of my clients and readers it works for them too.

Here’s a message I received from a client one morning. She had wanted to kick her diet coke habit for years.

“Last night I purchased the soda hypnosis recordings and listened to them in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep.
It’s hard to believe, but I don’t want a Diet Coke today. What?!?!?!
Today Diet Coke just doesn’t sound very good.
Can hypnosis really work that fast? I don’t know how else to explain it.”

How does it work?

I don’t know exactly ‘how’ it works, but my experience has been that listening to hypnosis on a problem I have makes taking the necessary actions much easier..

When I had a knee injury that meant I could hardly bend my knee to walk, much less run, I still went to see my physio and did the daily exercises that they prescribed.
But listening to the sports injury hypnosis every evening reduced my worry, made it easier to do the physical exercises, and helped me on an additional level that only hypnosis can.

When to listen to your hypnosis recordings?

I listen to the hypnosis recording as I am going to sleep at nighttime. They are relaxing to listen to, so I usually fall asleep mid-recording, but the hypnosis still works its magic.

The exception to my bedtime listening is if I am feeling ill and want my body to start fighting off an illness immediately. Then I’ll listen to the’ strengthen my immune system during the day.

You’ll discover the best times in your day to listen to your hypnosis.

The only time you can’t listen to hypnosis is while you are driving.

Not just a Party Trick.

Before experiencing the helpful benefits of hypnosis, I had only seen hypnosis being used as a party trick.
For example, a group of people on a stage would be hypnotized and asked to do silly things, perhaps cluck like a chicken, while the live audience would laugh uncontrollably.

While this shows how powerful hypnosis can be, using it as a tool for self-improvement is a very different, calm and private experience.

Where to start?

Whenever I have a problem that I need help with, I go to hynosisdownload.com and see if they have hypnosis for it.
They almost always do!

So whether you want to take action on something you know would help your ADHD, like exercising regularly or creating an organized environment, do something to improve your health, like stop smoking or stop drinking soda, Or you’d like to develop your confidence by going on dates hypnosis can help.

Here are a couple of hypnosis that are popular with my clients

Fear of fly!  

Reducing feelings of shame

Help with procrastination

Develop the Inner Resources to Manage ADHD

How to Improve Impulse Control

How Hypnosis Can Help You Fight a Cold

Hypnosis and Boosting the Immune System Response

Get Organized Now with Hypnosis

Declutter Your House, Your Mind, Your Life

Get Motivated to Socialize

Overcome Rejection Sensitivity

Let me know if you try one!

****There maybe affiliate links in this blog post and I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase as a result on clicking one of the link​s​. However I never recommend anything that I haven’t personally used and don’t ​absolutely love. You won’t be charged any more by using one of these links****

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