Do you have a million and one things you’d like to do but find there is never quite enough time for everything?

  • Work.
  • Time with your family and friends, volunteer activities.
  • A book you’d like to write,
  • Inventions you want to take from the idea stage,
  • A side hustle to launch.
  • Crafting,
  • Sleep 🙂

If only there were more hours in the day!

You can do some pretty impressive things when you have ADHD, but one thing you can’t do is conjure up a 25th hour in the day.

But what if you could do that next best thing?

Get more done in less time?

So that you have time to spare.. a BONUS hour!

Then you can intentionally use it to do some of those important-to-you-activities.

Creating an extra hour in your day to do something you’d love to do, is a different way to approach time management.

You are learning and implementing techniques so that you get to do something fun and meaningful to you!

You aren’t just learning time management things so that you can do even more hard things.

Taking this fun approach changes everything for the ADHD brain.

It’s not that time management techniques don’t work or that they don’t work for you, it’s just that you haven’t found the right ADHD friendly approach to time management..yet!

That’s why I get very excited about helping people create an extra hour, a Bonus Hour!

It lifts all the heaviness around time management and instead it feels light and fun.

Plus, it helps you create a life that feels intentional.

I am hosting a brand new workshop so that you can create a Bonus hour in your day!

Here’s what you will learn inside

The Bonus Hour Workshop!

  • How to create one extra hour in your day (every day) using the ten do-able ADHD friendly techniques to get more done in less time,
  • How to decide what you’ll use your Bonus hour for, and why that’s important.
  • How these tactics help you to become intentional with time and why that helps with ADHD time blindness.
  • How using these techniques to get more done in less time will boost your motivation and energy to do things throughout the day.
  • Experience a joie de vivre –joy of living– because life feels fun!

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