Why Going Paperless Helps ADHDers and How To Do It (It is much easier than you think)

Does having a paperless home sound futuristic to you? Or something only technically advanced people do? Me too! Although that all changed when I was talking to Clare Hunt. Clare is a normal lovely person like you. However, like every ADDer I have ever meet, she was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of paper in her life and searched Google for a solution. The answer: go paperless!

Paper is a constant battle for ADHDers because detailed-orientated work, organizing, making decisions and low-tolerance for boring tasks are all difficult for you. Piles of paper begin to grow on your desk, the floor and every other available area. Having a filing system sounds great, but it can be tricky to set up and doesn’t mean it will get used!
Clare offered to tell me how she went paperless, and we recorded the conversation, so you can learn how to go paperless too. It’s not daunting or scary; in fact, it’s incredibly simple. http://budurl.com/ez7u

The benefits include:

  • Less physical clutter
  • More space
  • Mental peace of mind
  • Easier to find things
  • Feeling and being organized
  • Bills being paid on time

and much more!

Take a listen to the recording and I dare you not to get inspired about going paperless too, after listening! Here is the recording http://budurl.com/ez7u


PS: Here are links to a couple of articles that got Clare started:

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