This morning my kitchen clock was running slow.

When I realized it was running 10 minutes slow, I thought,

“I don’t have time to change the battery right now. I’ll just remember it’s slower.”

Here’s the interesting thing,

I only sort of remembered.

Intellectually I knew it was slow, but I was still pacing my morning by the time the clock hands said.

ADHDers can find understanding the passage of time tricky and are often running late.

If this is you, then set your clocks a few minutes ahead, maybe by 3 or 4 minutes.

Even though you intellectually know it is running faster, you will still hustle a little harder to get out of the door.

Need more convincing?

There’s a beautiful clock overlooking Edinburgh train station called The Balmoral clock. It has been running 3 minutes faster since it was built in 1902.

Why? It’s to help passengers catch their train!

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