Hazel was making her morning coffee. The house was quiet and morning sun was shining through the window. It would have been the perfect way to start the day, except Hazel had an uneasy feeling in the bottom of her stomach. It seemed to be her constant companion these days.

The last few years had been tough. It was hard to admit because Hazel usually considered herself to be relatively successful and happy. Yet life just seemed so hard for her in a way it wasn’t for other people.

Hazel knew she had lots to be grateful for. She had three grown up children who were off doing good things in the world and a husband who was healthy and happy. Until three years ago, Hazel thought she had life figured out.

Then a new boss showed up. Hazel had always done well at work and enjoyed her career. But she and the new boss clashed big time. The boss was highly critical of her style of working. Hazel lost confidence in her abilities and she became scattered, forgetful, disorganized and lived in fear of doing something wrong.

After a series of doctor visits she discovered she had ADHD. This was a surprise and a relief; she had been convinced he was going to tell her something much worse.

Ever since then she felt really alone. Her husband and friends meant well but they ended up saying unhelpful things like, ‘You don’t have ADHD,’ or ‘If you had ADHD you wouldn’t have been able to do…’ and then list all the things she had done in her life.

When Hazel thought of ADHD she pictured someone like her son. He was the little boy who couldn’t sit still in class, talked all the time and was constantly doing stunts on his bike or skateboard. She on the other hand enjoyed a slower pace of life. She liked to relax at home with a good book.

It was true, she had always struggled with things that other people found easy, like housework, making little decisions, shutting and locking the front door. It just hadn’t occurred to her those things were connected to ADHD.

Hazel still had lots of unanswered questions about her ADHD. Like, how had she done well at school and her career all those years? And why did ADHD suddenly start causing her problems now? But most of all she wanted to know how to use this new piece of information about herself to her advantage.

She would love catch up with the backlog of projects and hobbies and start planning for the future. The last three years she had been in survival mode. She was ready to take action now, but she just wasn’t sure how.

Do you feel a bit like Hazel?

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  • Are you ready to start taking action but not sure how?

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