adhd and alcoholStudies show a strong connection between ADHD and alcoholism. For example: children with ADHD are more likely to drink alcohol to excess than their non ADHD peers and 25 percent of adults seeking treatment for alcohol abuse also have ADHD.

If alcohol is playing a bigger part in your life than you would like or than is healthy, here are some resources to help.

Online support

Change 4 Life

This simple website covers all the basics, such as a calculator to work out how many units you are consuming, as well as, tips and advice on how to cut down, health benefits and even an app to track your alcohol intake. The site has a friendly, non-judgemental tone.


Founded by Lucy Rocca (author of The Sober Revolution,) this site is a safe place to connect with other heavy drinkers who are at various stages of quitting. There is an active forum of supportive encouraging people. The site has mainly women members, but men are welcome too.

Hello Sunday Morning

Hello Sunday morning is the brainchild of Chris Raine, who wanted to help people change their relationship with alcohol. There is an active online community, where people are encouraged to commit to 3 month (or more) period without alcohol. Because your life will seem empty without drinking, you are urged to set other positive goals too (Ex. a fitness goal) and share your progress with other HSMers.

 In person support


AA is the oldest and most well-known support group for alcoholics and no matter where you live, there will be a meeting taking place near you today.

 Books about quitting

Kick the Drink…Easily

Jason Vale

Jason gets us to question our beliefs about alcohol and society’s positive view on alcohol; despite the negative effects it has on our health. He hopes that by the end of the book, you will be ready to stop drinking and not miss it.

The Sober Revolution: Women Calling Time on Wine O’Clock

Sarah Turner and Lucy Rocca

The authors address the viscous cycle on hangovers, guilt and blame from daily wine consumption. They give their personal stories of quitting, as well as inspiration and practical tips, so that you can quit too.
Good Luck!!

Do you have any resources that have helped you reduce your alcohol consumption?

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