There’s a great app to help you understand your sleep patterns.Know when to go to bed and fall asleep when you have ADHD

It’s called Rise.

One of the reasons it’s helpful when you have ADHD is because it tells you when your melatonin window is.

Lots of ADHDers resist going to bed because they can’t fall asleep.

Lying in bed and waiting for sleep is boring (almost painful) so it’s natural you want to avoid that.

This is why knowing your melatonin window is so helpful.

Melatonin is a sleep hormone that is super important for your sleep cycle. When it increases, you feel sleepy and when it decreases (in the morning), you wake up.

The melatonin window feature in Rise lets you know when your body is producing the optimal amount of melatonin to fall and stay asleep.

Which means you can feel confident that if you are in bed at that time, you’ll be able to go to sleep quickly.

Before I started to use Rise, I wouldn’t be in bed for my melatonin window.

I would feel really sleepy at 9.30pm, it wouldn’t matter how good the movie or show was, I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

This made me feel uncool, and I chalked it up to a sign I was getting older.

But when I started using Rise, I discovered that 9.30pm was when my melatonin window started.

Rather than feeling a bit annoyed with my body, I thought how clever it was (and also how accurate the app is).

Everyone’s melatonin window is different, but because I get up before 6am and need 8 hours of sleep, my body produces melatonin at approx 9.30pm (it varies a little each day).

When you know when your melatonin window…

It helps you NOT push through that optimum sleep time.

Lots of ADHDers feel tired in the evening but fight it (often because they have things they want to do), and then they feel wide awake until 2am.

This sounds great, and when you are enjoying your second wind, you forget how hard it will be to wake up in the morning with your alarm clock.

Having a visual reminder of your melatonin window helps you to feel motivated motivated to go to bed at the ideal time for you, which means you can get enough sleep so that you can focus, concentrate and feel energetic all day!

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