A UK parish council meeting (held on Zoom) has gone viral, and the star is Jackie Weaver.

Jackie became the star because of her calm, matter of fact way she handled the rude, argumentative councilors who were directing their anger towards her.

If you are curious to learn more, a quick Google search will bring up all the details.

Jackie is taking all the unexpected media attention in her stride.

She also had some great wisdom for us.

In one interview, she was asked how she managed to remain so calmand not get flustered in the emotionally heated Zoom meeting.

The interviewer was expecting some assertiveness tips or perhaps a quick rundown on the benefits of mediation.

However, what Jackie Weaver actually said was,

‘Never wear your pajamas’.

This seems like a humorous comment, but she went on to say that it’s tempting to just dress smartly for the camera and then below the camera’s line of vision wear slippers and pyjamas.

However, don’t do it! Because it makes a big difference in your own personal attitude when you know you are all put together’.

On your next Zoom meeting, get fully dressed and notice how your confidence changes.

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