This week I am a guest on the The SparkHustle Flow Podcast hosted by the fabulous Kemberli Stephenson.

Kemberli is an accountant and bookkeeper with decades of experience. She also has an MBA, is a best selling author and now helps financial service business owners launch, grow and scale their business.

Kemberli invited me to join her on episode 22 to talk about

‘Overcoming distractions in your business’.

Distractions come in many shapes and sizes, and even if you don’t have a business, the information will still be helpful.

Here’s a little excerpt from the episode. I am answering a question about how to sit down, focus and give attention to detailed work.

“Your brain doesn’t really like sitting, focusing and concentrating because it has to use its brain juice (energy) and we (humans) are all about preservation.

We want to keep that for an emergency.

So the first approximately 5-8 mins you’re sitting down and it doesn’t feel that exciting. It’s much more exciting to run off and do things and think, ‘Oh! I am going to do this that’s much more stimulating !’

BUT! If you can just sit with that discomfort between 5-8 mins then you allow yourself to get into the groove of the task and you can end up enjoying it.”

If you can give yourself the window of time to get into that groove and have a system in place so that if you do think of something, you ca write it down (rather than actually doing it).

Also, if you are someone that doesn’t like external noises then obviously switch your phone off and create a conducive environment so that you can focus.

You can listen to the full podcast on Apple here.



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