How does creating a plan for the next 8 weeks sound to you?

It’s not just a plan that will sit around and look pretty, it’s a plan that you’ll be able to follow and implement!

Plus, because it’s June, your plan will cover a good portion of the summer months. This means you’ll create a memorable summer with fun summery activities and the projects and tasks you’d like to complete.

If it sounds exciting… that’s great!

Keep reading!

If it doesn’t sound compelling right now, that’s OK.

ADHDers often have a love-hate relationship with planning, so if you aren’t feeling the planning love right now, there is no need to force it.

Planning will be waiting for you when you feel ready a little later in your ADHD journey.

There are many reasons why creating a plan for the next 8 weeks is helpful for your ADHD.

Here are just 7!

8 reasons why creating an 8-week plan helps your ADHD

1. Organization and structure.

Your plan provides you with a supportive structure for your days. You know what to do and when. This framework means that you don’t have days that drift away from you and then wonder where the day went.

Also, because you created the plan, you’ll have just the right balance of downtime to recharge and ‘getting things done.’

2. No more relying on a deadline to get things done.

Your eight-week plan is enough time to get things done while always having your eye on the finish line.
I discovered that 8 weeks is the ADHD-friendly sweet spot for planning. It’s longer than a month (double 🙂 but shorter than a quarter (12 weeks) or year.

This means there is some inbuilt urgency so that you can complete tasks and projects without waiting for a stressful deadline to propel you into action.

3. Improves prioritization skills.

Planning helps you develop your prioritizing muscle because in order to create a plan, you have to filter your tasks based on what is most important.

(If you need help with this, in the Untapped Brilliance Club 8 week planning workshop I show members an exact formula that takes the mystery out of prioritization so you can become confident in your ability to prioritize)

4. Increases motivation.

Now you have prioritized which projects to include in your plan, the next step is to break down the big daunting tasks into small manageable parts. This process makes even the most complex project feel do-able and in turn, helps you to feel motivated to take action.

5. Reduces procrastination.

Procrastination often occurs when you have ADHD if you aren’t sure what you ‘should’ be doing or a task feels big and intimidating.

Creating an 8-week plan helps reduce procrastination because during the planning process you narrowed down what you’ll be working on AND broke big tasks down into do-able tasks that you can’t wait to take action on!

6. Reduces jumping from one task to the next.

Having a plan gives you the confidence to focus on the task at hand, because you know you are working on exactly the right thing.
Without a plan, you might jump from one task to next because each time to start a task, you remember another job you have to do, feel a little panicked, and switch to work on the new task.

The problem is that you start lots of things but don’t finish any of them.

7. Reduces Stress

Planning reduces stress because even though you haven’t done all the tasks on your mind yet, you know when you’ll do the most important ones. Plus, because you have broken your tasks and projects down into manageable steps, they feel very do-able! This, in turn, means you trust yourself to take action, and you feel in control of your time and life!

8. Increases confidence.

Creating an ADHD friendly plan, (that you can follow) increases your confidence and belief in your own abilities. You feel proud of yourself for accomplishing the tasks and projects in your plan.

Plus, you develop a belief in yourself that you can do things that you said (to yourself) that you would.

On Tuesday June 11th, I am hosting an eight week planning workshop in the Untapped Brilliance Club

I’ll walk you through the ADHD-friendly step-by-step process to creating a plan you can follow and help you have your best 8 weeks ever!!

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