Jacqui on about.comHere is a roundup of my latest 6 articles on About.com as their ADD and ADHD Expert. You could read them all, or pick the ones that sound the most interesting to you!

7 Tips for a Productive Day. The ADHD friendly way.

Many ADHD characteristics can work against productivity. However, with a few changes you can be productive every day. Here are 7 ADHD friendly tips to help you.

5 Tips to Breaking the ADHD Procrastination Cycle

People with ADHD experience higher levels of procrastination than the rest of the population. Here are 5 steps to break the procrastination cycle.


10 Steps to Making Decisions Easily

Many adults with ADHD feel they aren’t good decision makers. Decisions are part of everyday life, so making them is a good skill to develop. Here are 10 ADHD friendly suggestions to making decisions.


5 Compelling Reasons to Start Batching Your Tasks

When you group similar tasks together you increase productivity. There are many benefits to batching your activities when you have ADHD. Here are 5 of them!


How to Maintain Your Boundaries When You Have ADHD

Healthy boundaries, help you feel safe, happy physically healthy and respected. Here are 6 suggestions to help you maintain your own boundaries when you have ADHD


How to Respect People’s Boundaries

Common ADHD characteristics can mean respecting people’s boundaries is difficult for adults with ADHD. Here are 5 tip to help.


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