It’s November, and we are 8 months into this strange new world of COVID-19 and lockdowns.

In the free Untapped Brilliance Facebook group I asked members the following question:

What has helped you the most to keep in a good headspace during the pandemic?

The replies were so good, I thought it would be helpful to turn them into a blog post.

Exercising and spending time in nature were the most popular, which is great because we know that both help ADHD.

Here’s the list.

16 things that help ADHDers stay in a good headspace during the pandemic.

1.Spending Time outside

Nature hikes with my dog.

Outdoor time.

Getting outside has been the best thing for me to do although it’s sometimes a struggle to get myself out the apartment door.

Exercise, sunshine, and having somewhere I need to be outside the house. Scheduled, masked walks with friends achieves all of this! Nervous for winter.

Getting into nature 100%

Being outside, taking the mask off so I can feel the wind on my face and walking.

Walking in nature especially on sunny days.

I hiked every other week all summer. Fun!

Nature immersion every day

Chopping wood  and stacking it outside

Walking out with my wife at the end of the days and following the phases of the moon.

I try to get an hour of nature hikes in with my dogs each day.

2. Exercise

Night jogs.

Walking helps!

Exercise – online classes.

Fun workouts.

Going out for walks.


Put on a happy, upbeat song and dance like no one’s watching (‘cause they’re not!)!

Yoga, walking, breathing practices.


3. Hobbies


Gardening, and tending my house plants.

Knitting, reading, cooking and writing.

Picked up the hobby of collecting vintage records, and bought a record player.

Crochet and going MIA into my own little world

Being creative.


My art

I’ve been teaching myself ukulele, so most days I pick up the uke and sing

4. Connecting with family and friends

Talking on the phone with friends and family.

Scheduling weekly Zoom calls with friends.

Speaking with friends.

Texting my kids.

Peer support.

Being with positive people

Zooms to wake my Mum up in the morning (not every day)

5. TV, Neflix, Gaming


Escapism, like dog videos and TV.

TV & Games they make me forget what’s around me.

About 800 games in my steam library.

6.Faith and Spiritual practices


Always my faith in God.

Spiritual practices.

7. Gratitude

Writing 3 things I’m thankful for most nights before I go to sleep.

Taking time in the morning to think of 3 things I’m grateful for.

Mindful gratitude, not just for what I’m grateful for, but why.

8. Books




9. Pets

My dogs.


10. Projects

Working through a backlog of photoshoot edits and building a tutorial playlist for Photoshop that I’m interested in due to my meds working.

I did “6 Steps to planning your year” by you (Jacqueline) I did all my priority 2’s and will start priority 1 list next week. Yay! Thanks.

During this pandemic I applied for 4 patents.  Too much time to think lol.

11. Social media

I never thought I’d say this but thank God for social media.

Facebook does help me to feel less isolated.

12. Learning/education

I am working to finish my earth science education degree.

TRE, executive functions training, Havening technique and now learning the Kanban system!

Duolingo (learning a language)

13. Limiting News

Placing limits on the amount of news and information on everything.

14. Music

I listen to music and have over 4 hours of music that I play.



Mindfulness meditation.

Guided Meditations.

16. Working

I am considered an essential worker so working helped.


17. Other helpful strategies

Focusing on what is in my control helps.

Doing a lot of journaling.


Playing cards

What has helped you to stay in a good headspace during the pandemic?

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