Do you feel like you have 101 things to do and never seem get any of them done?

You aren’t alone, I do too, I really do!  Perhaps, because I just celebrated my birthday and wanted to start my New Year with a clean slate. Or perhaps because the days are getting longer and Spring is just around the corner that I felt encouraged to Spring Clean.

101 things to do and how to deal with spring cleaningWhatever the exact cause, I was tired of having items pop into my head, and think…oh I must do that…and then not actually doing them.  I got a large piece of paper and a colourful pen and started to write all the items that came to mind. When I got to 50, I was surprised I had so many, so I challenged myself to make it to 101. It didn’t take long to get there! I walked around my home and did a mental tour of my office. I looked in my inbox for reminders and within an hour I had 101 things to do.  Rather than feeling overwhelmed, I felt excited that I had everything written down and was inspired to get them done.

This week, I am challenging you to write your own list of 101 things to do so that you can do a Spring clean of your life too.

To help, I have included some of the categories that my list included. When I was writing the list I didn’t write them in categories, but afterwards I realized they naturally fell into them.

Arranging Appointments
Doctors annual check up
Routine eye exam

Organizing My Home
Declutter hall closet
Tidy book cases
Throw out 50 things

Keeping In Touch With Friends
Arranging to see people I haven’t seen for awhile
Emailing or writing to friends that don’t live locally

Work Stuff
Changes to my website
New Business cards printed

Paper Work
Changing addresses to new address book
Set up a new filing system at home

When you have your list, think of how you are going get the task done. For example, I am going to do a minimum of one per day. I know some days I will be inspired to do more. For the items that will take longer than 1 hour, I am scheduling them into my agenda.

When we are finished, not only will our lives be all caught up and up to date. Our brains will be clearer too, because aren’t we always thinking of everything we have to do. Also, there will be space for new and exciting things to come into our lives!

Happy Writing!

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