Jacqui on about.comHere is a roundup of my latest 6 articles on About.com as their ADD and ADHD expert! You could read them all, or pick the ones that sound the most interesting to you.

10 Ways to Pay Attention in Conversations

Attention problems during conversations can cause embarrassment and misunderstandings. Here are 10 ADHD-friendly tips to help you.


ADHD Financial Tip: How to Avoid Bounced Checks

Maintaining a healthy bank balance, when you are living with ADHD, is a challenge. Here are 6 tips to avoid checks from bouncing!


5 ADHD-Friendly Tips to Using a Daily Planner

Using a daytime planner is a simple, yet powerful skill when you have ADHD. It is the key to managing your life and your ADHD. Here are 5 tips to using yours successful.


What is the Best Career for You?

Adults with ADHD often ask what job would be the best for them. Here are 6 ways to discover great career options for you!


How to Feel Good about Yourself When You Have ADHD

‘I just don’t feel good about myself’ is something that many adults with ADHD say. Here are seven tips to like who you are and feel great about yourself!


The Power of ONE Thing!

Do you have many ‘things to do’? Yet, despite your best intentions, none of these things seem to get done? Here is a powerful strategy to help!


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