You properly know that having a plan to follow when you have ADHD is helpful. Either because you have heard/read about all the benefits. Or from first-hand experience because once in a while you have been able to create a plan and follow it.

Here are 10 Ways a Plan can help ADHD!

  1. Supports your executive functions.
  2. Reduces anxiety.
  3. It helps you feel and be organized.
  4. Reduces procrastination.
  5. Helps with time management.
  6. Increases sleep quality.
  7. Reduces the need to make decisions.
  8. Reduces the time spent evaluating and prioritizing.
  9. Makes you feel accomplished because you have spent time doing the most important things. Sometimes work things and sometimes fun things.
  10. Increases your productivity without feeling stressed or frazzled.

However! It’s a bit of a catch-22 because even though having a plan is super helpful for the ADHD brain, you need to create a plan first.

This is the tricky part because it involves doing all the things that are hard for the ADHD brain; Including, prioritizing, decision-making, time awareness, and knowing how long a task takes,

Not only that, planning can evoke strong emotions, perhaps.

  • Fear of doing it wrong,
  • Feeling overwhelmed,
  • Annoyed that it’s hard for you,
  • Fear of failure,
  • Fear of disappointment that it might not work for you,
  • Feeling constrained that you have to get spefic and commit to a time and place.

Some of these feelings come from your previous experiences of planning.

This is why I am hosting The 4th annual Untapped Brilliance Planning Challenge! 5 steps to planning 2023…The ADHD-friendly way

The planning process in the challenge is designed for how your ADHD brain works!

We create your plans in bite-size pieces (a little bit every day) so that it never feels overwhelming.

Because I am there guiding you through the process, you don’t have to think about ‘how to plan’. You can focus on what you want to do and experience in 2023.

Both the fun stuff and the worky things.

The 5 steps to planning 2023…The ADHD-friendly way is completely free, but you do need to enroll.

Simply click this link to enroll >>>>> Yes sign me up for the planning challenge!

We kick start December 5th 2022

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