Will My Child Inherit ADHD?…And more!

Jacqui on about.comHere is a roundup of my latest 6 articles on About.com as their ADD and ADHD expert! You could read them all, or pick the ones that sound the most interesting to you.

Will My Child Inherit ADHD?

If you are a parent diagnosed with ADHD a big concern is ‘Will my children have ADHD too?’ Here are 3 suggestions to help in this stressful time

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Book Review. Natural Relief for Adult ADHD

Book Review of ‘Natural Relief for Adult ADHD’ author Stephanie Sarkis looks at complementary ways to treat and manage your ADHD

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How to Deal With Boredom When You Have ADHD

Boredom is one of the things people with ADHD fear the most and will go to great lengths to avoid it. Here are 3 tips to avoid boredom.

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Help! My Partner has been diagnosed with ADHD

If you are struggling with your partner’s ADHD diagnosis, here are the answers to 3 common questions.

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Why didn’t I know my child has ADHD?

When a child is diagnosed with ADHD, parents wonder why they didn’t notice ADHD symptoms before. Here are 5 reasons.

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  1. ADHD is indeed genetic in nature and there is a fair chance that a parent with ADHD will pass this condition to his or her children. I can see the signs in my (undiagnosed) father now that I’ve become acquainted with the signs of the illness.

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