Do You Get The Weekend Blahs?

Weekends can be a challenge when you have ADHD.  This might sound counterintuitive, as surely the stressors of a busy work week are trickier than a leisurely weekend

However, ADHDers can find unstructured time unsettling.  Although you might resist the idea of structure, people with ADHD actually do very well with it. [Read more…]

How to Get Going On a New Task When You Have ADHD

In this video, I answer a great question from a blog reader.

“It seems to take me forever to get going on new activities; especially when I start my day or at the office. Can you help?”

This is a very common problem and it’s pretty easy to overcome when you know what to do. So watch this short video to find out what the 3 steps are!

ADHD and Motivation

Dr. Russell Barkley says that ADHD is more about loss of interest and motivation than attention and concentration. This makes sense, as we know ADHDers can pay attention for hours  on tasks they love.

Motivation is a characteristic that makes us want to ‘do’ an activity. Unfortunately, there is lotsof moral judgement about motivation and people think lack of motivation is a sign of laziness or not caring. The good news is that in recent years studies have found evidence that motivation is more about brain chemistry, than will power. It has been found that motivation problems in people with ADHD are due to lower levels of dopamine in their brains. The larger the disruption of the dopamine pathway, the greater the ADHD symptoms and the lower the  levels of motivation.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge what can you do?

make things happen adhd1) Take good care of yourself the Untapped Brilliance way. This means, taking Omega 3 supplements, eating an ADHD friendly diet, getting enough sleep, exercising and meditating. All these activities increase the dopamine. If you need help incorporating these into your life check out Untapped Brilliance book.

2) What do you love to do? What are you highly motivated to do? When you know what those activities they are, make some changes in your life so you spend more time doing the activities you are motivated to do. Your life will become more productive and enjoyable.

3) Get creative with the activities you have to do, but don’t enjoy. Use your timer, as that creates a challenge and a sense of urgency. Set up a reward system that motivates you. For example, put one dollar in a jar every time you do X. Apply it to something that does interest you. Michael Phelps’ (Olympic Swimming Champion) Mom did this for her son. Michael hated math, but loved swimming. So she customized his math problems ‘If you swim one meter per second, how long would it take to swim 800 meters?’

When you make these changes in your life, you will definitely notice a new level of productivity and purpose in your life.

ADHD and Fun

Life must be lived as play” ~Plato

It’s well known that play and having fun is a vital part of a child’s development. A little less known is that having fun is very beneficial both mentally and physically for adults. For example, in relieving stress (with the release of endorphins)  and boosting the immune system. Yet having fun as an adult is sort of frowned on and viewed as lazy and ‘slacking off’ the important business of being an adult. This resistance is amplified among ADHD adult population. As they feel there is  so much they ‘should’ being doing, like decluttering, paying the bills or any task on their long to do list that they don’t deserve to have fun. You can’t postpone having fun until the ‘hard stuff’ is out of the way because hard stuff will always be  there.

Making fun a top priority in your life is vital when you have ADHD. This is why it’s the 10th step in my book, Untapped Brilliance. After spending time enjoying yourself, you are energized, motivated and inspired to do the ‘important’ things.  You can cross things off your to do list much faster when your batteries are recharged.  When you work hard and play hard you will notice benefits such as feeling happier, energetic, more focused, increased confidence, and increased productivity.

Do you enjoy having fun? It's surprising how many people don't, or don't know how. Yet fun, is vital to happy healthy life. THere are 5 suggestions to include more fun into your life:

1) First think of what you like to do for fun. If you honestly don’t know, think back to what you enjoyed when you were younger. That will be a good starting place.

2) Be open to trying new things. Look in your local paper for ideas and listen to what activities your friends are doing. If you aren’t sure if you will like it, try it once and then decide.

3) Have a range of activities that can be done with people and alone, that vary in time, from a few minutes to a whole day. That are passive (watching a movie), active (hiking) creative (crafts, decorating).

4) Remember everyone has different ideas of what is fun for them. Don’t be swayed by what other people think is fun. It has to be fun for you.

5) If have fun is a scary concept, gradually build ‘fun’ into your life. However start this process today!