How to Remember What Read When You Have ADHD

When you have ADHD, forgetting what you read is VERY common, particularly when what you are reading isn’t that interesting.

To remember what you have read, you need to be paying attention to the information as you are reading it. Otherwise, the information can’t be processed and stored into your memory.

In this video, I share 3 tips to help you pay attention to what you are reading, so that you can remember what you read.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hello Jacqui! I just want to say I am so grateful to have found you on the internet. It always is a pleasure to hear your sweet, encouraging voice and learn something new. I especially enjoy the podcasts with the other gal who’s name escapes me right now.

    As much as I feel it is my right to complain about something, I also feel it is my duty, whenever possible to acknowledge those who I see being brave and offering themselves and their talents to the world. So Thank You and kudos to you for the great job!



    • Hi Lisa
      Thank you for the lovely heart felt comment. Really appreciate you taking the time to write. I will tell Marcia too how much you like our podcasts…she will be thrilled.

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