Clear and Calm v’s ADHD Clutter!

When Susy closed the front door she felt a mixture of shame and relief.

Shame because her home was very messy – the type of messy that when the doorbell rang she opened the door just enough for her head to peer out and not an inch more.

Relief because she had successfully managed the situation. The potential disaster of another human being seeing her messy home had been avoided.

Susy looked at her kitchen and wondered how she could have achieved two degrees and hold a responsible job yet not be able to keep her countertops clean.

Dishes with dinner leftovers hid behind condiment bottles, like the soy sauce and olive oil she had used for last week’s stir fry. Coffee mugs and items waiting to be recycled also jostled for space.

It was a similar story in the other rooms. Papers, bills, receipts, shopping bags, books and clothes were in piles on the floor, on tables and even on the half of the bed she didn’t sleep on.

Susy knew living in this clutter was affecting her whole life. When friends suggested meeting at a restaurant near her home she would recommend another one further away, just in case at the nearer one they might want to come back to her place for coffee.

She stopped doing fun things at the weekend so she could ‘sort herself out.’ Then when Saturday arrived, her energy disappeared at the very thought of tidying up.

It had been much easier to be organized when she lived with people. First with her parents, then roommates and most recently her partner. Of course they had fought about housework, but did she had more motivation then.

Does Susy’s story sound familiar?

Keeping a tidy, clean home is a challenge when you have ADHD. After all, it is a boring, mundane task, with no finish line – everything that ADHDers find tough. However, there are things you can do to master the clutter and feel organized.

In Essentially Brilliant there is a brand new module called ‘Clear and Calm.

In it you will learn how to…

  • Declutter so there are no more piles of ‘stuff’
  • Organize your home so you know where everything is even if it’s out of sight,
  • Put things away every day to avoid cleaning binges before visitors,
  • Feel motivated to do housework, even if your energy usually drains at the thought of it,
  • Keep on top of your paper mountains and open your mail,
  • Take care of seasonal tasks in season – for example, putting away Christmas decorations in January vs. April.


  • How to downsize and organize your physical photos (old-school film photographs, not digital ones)

There are also “Virtual Body Double Hours!” so that taking action is easier.

In the ADHD world, a ‘body double’ is a person who sits with you while you work on a task like decluttering, A body double helps keep you focused on task. In Essentially Brilliant, we have Virtual Body Double Hours. We all hop on a call together and work on our most important tasks. The collective energy of the group helps beat procrastination and promotes focus. Plus, if you get stuck or feel resistance, I am there to help you more forward.

The next LIVE round of Essentially Brilliant starts on Monday, June 25th. Hope you can join us!

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P.S The price of Essentially Brilliant is increasing on June 25th.

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