What Is On Your ‘Don’t Do’ List?

018JCKYVRZThe Dont Do List idea comes from 2 articles I read that reframe the concept of productivity. Rather than productivity just being about what you Do, it is also about what you Dont Do.

ADHDers love to be productive; they will forfeit sleep, exercise and many other vital activities in order to get stuff done’.(Of course, sleep and exercise increase productivitybut that is a topic for another day).

It is a great feeling to start the day with a brand new To-Do list, but by the evening, you can feel very discouraged if you didn’t get to cross everything off.

This is where the ‘Dont Do’ list comes in.

The idea is that by saying no to little demands and distractions on your time, you will have lot more time to do the important, big picture tasks. The type of tasks that require focused concentration.

Your Don’Do list is different from your To-Do list as it remains fairly constant every day.

Here are some ideas to include on your Don’Do list:

1.     Dont eat sugar (donuts, cereal, etc.) for breakfast
You will have a sugar crash 2 hours later, which makes it harder to focus and pay attention to your tasks.


2.     Dont switch on the TV in the morning
It can grab your attention and make you late for work.


3.     Dont check your phone more than once per hour


4.     Dont multitask
It feels good, but it means getting less done; not more.


5.     Dont have your inbox open all day


6.     Dont act on every thought you have
, write the thoughts down so you dont forget them and continue with your task.


7.     Dont start a hyperfocus activity 
Unless you have a block of uninterrupted time, you could miss important meetings, etc.


8.     Dont have more than 3 tabs open on your computer at once


9.     Dont check Facebook until the evening


10.  Dont go to bed past midnight


It is surprising how quickly new ‘dont do’ habits become your new normal. One of my Don’Dos was “Dont use Snap Chat”, and in 2 weeks, I had practically forgotten I ever used it.


What is going to be on your Don’Do list?



Thanks, Jocelyn K. Glei and Jim Collins, for the great ideas.


10 Reasons Why ADHD Dads Are AWESOME

Dads and ADHD1. You Normalize ADHD

If you have ADHD, then there is a good chance one (or more) of your children has ADHD too. Children don’t like to be different; you might be the only person they know who has ADHD. By being open about your ADHD, you are normalizing it and even making it cool.

2.Hyper Focus

When you are hyper-focusing on your child or an activity you are doing together, they feel like the most special person in the world. The activity doesn’t matter. Listening to a story about their day, watching a movie together or working on a project in the garden, etc.; the attention you are giving is very powerful.

3. Emotional Intelligence

ADHDers are emotionally intelligent and they are sensitive (no matter how thick a crust they show the outside world), so you ‘get’ your children’s’ emotions. It is very validating and reassuring to a child to be understood.

4. Problem Solver

Problems can seem scary at whatever age you are. Having a Dad who is a natural problem solver is like carrying an ace in your back pocket.

5. Stands Up for the Under Dog

ADHDers have a strong moral compass and they aren’t afraid to vocalize that. You might be an advocate for your child at school, or you might use these skills for people you barely know. Either way, your child likes knowing you have their back and do good things in the world.

6. Good in a Crisis

When everyone else is panicky in a crisis, you become calm and instinctively know what to do. ADHDers excel in a crisis situation: car crash, fire, broken leg, etc.You handle the situation like a professional. This is very reassuring to your child.

7. Knowledgeable

ADHDers are life-long learners; which means you know a lot of things. You have an answer for every question your son and daughter ask. From ‘How far away is the moon?’ to ‘Why do worms live in the ground?’ and much, much more!

8. Role Model

By managing and treating your ADHD, you are setting a great example. Children are like sponges and observe everything you do and say. If you are being proactive in managing your ADHD, by exercising, taking omega 3, using tricks to help you with time-keeping and organizing, etc., they will do the same.

9. Passionate

Because it’s hard for ADHDers to do the things that are boring for them, they generally just do things that they are passionate about. Not only is it fun to be around this type of energy, it also inspires your children to find what they are passionate about.

10. Fun

You are a lot of fun. You don’t follow the rules, you make people laugh, have a good sense of humor, you think of fun things to do, and your enthusiasm for life is contagious








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