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Welcome to the Untapped Brilliance Blog! I am Jacqueline Sinfield the ADHD coach for Adults. On this blog you will find tons of info on ADHD. One the most common sentence I hear from clients is ‘I have so much potential but I just can’t seem to reach it’.  I wrote the ADHD book Untapped Brilliance: How to Reach Your Full Potential as an Adult with ADHD to answer that very question. Untapped Brilliance outlines simple yet highly effective, alternative ways to minimize your unwanted ADHD symptoms so that your wonderful gifts can shine brightly. When that happens, not only are you able to reach your potential, but your life also becomes way less stressful and lots more fun.

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How to Be an Awesome Time Manager When You Have ADHD

photo3 300x300How to Be an Awesome Time Manager When You Have ADHDHave you noticed how time is a bit of a trickster? It can whiz by so fast that you wish it had breaks, or it plods along incredibly slowly; leaving you bored and restless.

Ironically, time perception doesn’t run like clockwork. It changes and is distorted by situations, emotions and even our age. Time perception is a subjective thing that is studied by psychologists and neuroscientists. For our other senses like touch, taste, smell, sight, etc. we have specialized sensory receptors. But there are no specialized sensory receptors for time. Accurate time processing is something that develops gradually from when we are babies to the age of 10.

While human brains develop the ability gauge the passage of time that match what our clocks say, children with ADHD struggle to develop this skill. It involves memory attention and dopamine. Those 3 key things involved in time processing, are also the 3 key things that ADDers struggle with.

Not developing that internal knowledge of time passage affects you every day. For example:

  • Moving from task to task at a certain speed while getting ready in the morning
  • Realistically knowing how long it takes to get from home to a meeting downtown
  • Knowing how long it takes you to write a work project and scheduling time to get it done
  • Remembering to make a reservation at a popular restaurant a month ahead of your wife’s birthday

Here is how one ADHD client describe beautifully, how time passes for him: “If I look at my watch and it’s 11:00am, then it’s 11:00am until I look again. I might look again in 2 minutes, or 4 hours. But it’s 11:00am until I have actually looked at the watch again to see what the hands are now saying”.

Dr. Hallowell says that to an ADHDer, there are only 2 types of time: NOW or NOT NOW; which is why forward planning is so hard, and why projects that seemed months away are now due tomorrow.

What can you do? Well, actually quite a lot! Since your internal clock isn’t working as well as we would like, it’s important to give it a lot of external prompts.

  1. Buy a watch you like and wear it every day. It will help you become aware of the passage of time.
  2. Have a clock in every room. Traditional clocks (with hands) are more helpful than digital.
  3. Set a timer on your phone to let you know not just when an appointment is, but have it go off when you need to start to get ready and to leave your house, etc.
  4. Buy an agenda and plug in all your appointments. Just use one agenda, and get the one that has the hours of the day for each day. It helps you get a visual of what your days look like.
  5. Get a wall calendar with the whole year on it. It helps to plan for future events.
  6. Develop a habit of looking at your wall calendar and agenda every single morning.
If you want to learn more about how you can be an Awesome Time Manager, put your email address in the box below and I will let you know when the new course ‘ADHD To Done’ is being released!

ADHDtoDone FINAL 214x300How to Be an Awesome Time Manager When You Have ADHD

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