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Welcome to the Untapped Brilliance Blog! I am Jacqueline Sinfield the ADHD coach for Adults. On this blog you will find tons of info on ADHD. One the most common sentence I hear from clients is ‘I have so much potential but I just can’t seem to reach it’.  I wrote the ADHD book Untapped Brilliance: How to Reach Your Full Potential as an Adult with ADHD to answer that very question. Untapped Brilliance outlines simple yet highly effective, alternative ways to minimize your unwanted ADHD symptoms so that your wonderful gifts can shine brightly. When that happens, not only are you able to reach your potential, but your life also becomes way less stressful and lots more fun.

The articles here on the blog are all a reflection of my ADHD Coaching philosophy. I am really excited to share with you loads of info on ADHD, and proven strategies that are super effective in minimizing your negative aspects of ADHD so that your magnificent gifts can shine brightly and you too can reach your potential!

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ADHD and Housework

When you have ADHD, one of the worst tasks imaginable (right up there with meal planning) is… housework. Not only is it boring and mundane, it provides lots of opportunity for procrastination and distraction. What could be done in two hours ends, up taking all day. It’s like having your own ‘in-house’ time warp. However, even though housework is not pleasant, it does need to be done; both for your health and safety, and your mental and emotional well-being.

So watch this video about how to get your housework done in record breaking time.

There are also some housework checklists to help you be extra speedy!

CleaningChecklist WeeklyADHD and Housework


CleaningChecklist MonthYearADHD and Housework


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ADHD Meal Planning

adhd and meal planning

When you have ADHD, meal planning can be a logistical nightmare! This is because it involves all the things that can be difficult when you have ADHD; like making decisions, paying attention to details and forward planning. However, meal planning is a … [Continue reading]

ADHD and Rage

ADHD and Rage

Not everyone with ADHD experiences rage. But the people that do, usually experience it very intensely. The dictionary definition of rage as: 'to feel or express violent uncontrollable anger" ADHD and RAGE Anger is considered a normal and healthy … [Continue reading]

Colors and ADHD: How Color Coding Can Make Your Life Easier


ADHD adults are visual people. Color coding your environment has a positive effect on you noticing, remembering, organizing and generally being more effective both at work and at home. When I was studying psychology I came across a fascinating study … [Continue reading]

ADHD Feels Like…

ADHD Feels Like

This week, I asked people with ADHD to describe what ADHD feels like for them. I thought it would be helpful for non-ADDers to understand it more. The varied replies give an excellent insight into life with ADHD. If you would like to add your own … [Continue reading]

UK VIP Coaching Intensive Day


UK VIP Coaching Intensive Day May 2014 ADHD Coaching Intensives are like the power tool of coaching! We can go much deeper and cover more than is possible in the same number of hours of weekly coaching, and just like using a power tool, it’s a … [Continue reading]

ADHD and Assertiveness

ADHD and Assertiveness

In order to be a happy, healthy adult living with ADHD, an important skill to develop is assertiveness. When you are assertive, you are able to express your needs and feelings in a firm and polite way without hurting others. Common feedback I hear … [Continue reading]

ADHD and Loneliness

ADHD and loneliness

Many adults with ADHD report feeling lonely. Loneliness is a state of mind that makes us feel disconnected from others. Loneliness can make you feel depressed, isolated and more prone to addiction. 7 Reasons Why ADHDers Feel Lonely: 1) Feeling … [Continue reading]

The ADHD Valentine’s Day Resource List

The ADHD Valentine's Day Resource List

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I have compiled a list of articles and books for happy, healthy and long-lasting love relationships when you have ADHD. Articles 1) ADDers love to be in love! However, the 'new love' phrase doesn't last forever. Here … [Continue reading]

ADHD-Friendly Recipes

ADHD friendly recipies

Meal planning and cooking can be a logistical nightmare when you have ADHD. Making decisions, advanced planning, follow through and multi-step processes are all skills that are needed to plan, shop for and prepare meals; yet they are challenging when … [Continue reading]