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Welcome to the Untapped Brilliance Blog! I am Jacqueline Sinfield the ADHD coach for Adults. On this blog you will find tons of info on ADHD. One the most common sentence I hear from clients is ‘I have so much potential but I just can’t seem to reach it’.  I wrote the ADHD book Untapped Brilliance: How to Reach Your Full Potential as an Adult with ADHD to answer that very question. Untapped Brilliance outlines simple yet highly effective, alternative ways to minimize your unwanted ADHD symptoms so that your wonderful gifts can shine brightly. When that happens, not only are you able to reach your potential, but your life also becomes way less stressful and lots more fun.

The articles here on the blog are all a reflection of my ADHD Coaching philosophy. I am really excited to share with you loads of info on ADHD, and proven strategies that are super effective in minimizing your negative aspects of ADHD so that your magnificent gifts can shine brightly and you too can reach your potential!

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ADHD and Rage

Not everyone with ADHD experiences rage. But the people that do, usually experience it very intensely.

The dictionary definition of rage as:
‘to feel or express violent uncontrollable anger”

Anger is considered a normal and healthy emotion. However, rage can be destructive to the person experiencing it and to those around him / her.

 So why is it people with ADHD experience it so intensely?

The impulsivity, low levels of frustration and mood swings, are all characteristics of ADHD, which play a part in experience rage. However, ADHD expert Dr. Brown says that the intense rage in ADHDers, is a result of a poor working memory.

Working memory is one of our executive functions. When the working memory is operating well, it temporarily stores numerous pieces of information (from the environment and your long-term memory, etc.), where it processes them to help you navigate the situation you are in. However, when you have ADHD, your working memory is affected, and the ability to process multi pieces of information is reduced.
stormADHD and Rage
When you feel rage, your whole brain is flooded with that emotion and all other facts and feelings are pushed aside. The only thing you feel is rage. You forget that the person that you are shouting out at, is someone that you love, that the rage you are feeling doesn’t match the environmental trigger, or any other practical facts that a non-ADHDer would draw upon to balance the emotion of rage.

>However, rage can be managed and even stopped completely.

Here are 5 suggestions to help you reduce your rage:

1) Treat your ADHD with all the usual Untapped Brilliance strategies.
2) Share you rage triggers with another person: a friend, ADHD Coach or therapist. They can help you reframe your trigger situations. Then, when they happen, you can process them differently.
3) Start to write. It will help you process your thoughts and feelings, and you will also see patterns in your rage.
4) Join Luminosity. The training helps improve your working memory.
5) Don’t feel shame about have rage. It’s just a behavior that can be changed.

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