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Welcome to the Untapped Brilliance Blog! I am Jacqueline Sinfield the ADHD coach for Adults. On this blog you will find tons of info on ADHD. One the most common sentence I hear from clients is ‘I have so much potential but I just can’t seem to reach it’.  I wrote the ADHD book Untapped Brilliance: How to Reach Your Full Potential as an Adult with ADHD to answer that very question. Untapped Brilliance outlines simple yet highly effective, alternative ways to minimize your unwanted ADHD symptoms so that your wonderful gifts can shine brightly. When that happens, not only are you able to reach your potential, but your life also becomes way less stressful and lots more fun.

The articles here on the blog are all a reflection of my ADHD Coaching philosophy. I am really excited to share with you loads of info on ADHD, and proven strategies that are super effective in minimizing your negative aspects of ADHD so that your magnificent gifts can shine brightly and you too can reach your potential!

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How to Stop Worrying When You Have ADHD

Worry and ADHD go hand in hand. Your creative busy mind thinks of all sorts of things to worry about. However, there are things you can do to empower yourself and stop worrying. In this video, I share my 3 best tips!

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Quote WorryHow to Stop Worrying When You Have ADHD

Top Ten Best ADHD Blog Award


Guess what? The Untapped Brilliance blog just won an award! It’s one of the Top Ten Best ADHD blogs! Isn’t that awesome? I was so happy, excited and incredibly honored when I found out. Psych Central is an incredibly site for all things related … [Continue reading]

Why it’s Hard to Stop Multi-tasking!

Why it’s Hard to Stop Multi-tasking!

This summer, I wrote an article called, ‘ADHD and Single Tasking’; all about why single tasking is the new multi-tasking. You can check it out here. If you are still multi-tasking, don’t feel bad. Today’s article explains why multi-tasking is … [Continue reading]

8 Reasons Why Adults with ADHD Feel Stupid

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I hate the word 'stupid' but I put it in the title because that is how many people with ADHD describe themselves. The ADHDers I have meet (which are a LOT at this point), are bright, intelligent, sharp, smart, wise, good company and wickedly … [Continue reading]

How to Prioritize Self-Care When You Have ADHD

How to Prioritize Self-Care When You Have ADHD

Self-Care is all about knowing what your needs are, then making sure those needs are met. It's care for you, by you. A lot of adults with ADHD are good at looking after other people, but not so good at treating themselves with the same care. However, … [Continue reading]

7 Ways to Be Social When You Have ADHD

7 Ways to Be Social When You Have ADHD

Maintaining friendships can be a big challenge when you have ADHD. You can have social phases, where your friends hear from you in copious amounts. During these times, you feel inspired to call, text to make plans, email them nuggets of information … [Continue reading]

The Most Important Type Of ADHD Awareness

Different - raspberry  and blackberries

Do you know what the most important type of ADHD awareness there is? It’s knowing how ADHD affects you! You are a brilliant and totally unique person with your own personality, strengths, talents, likes and dislikes. When we mix this one-of-a-kind … [Continue reading]

How to Be On Time Every Time When You Have ADHD

Today's video is all about how make sure you are on time every time for all your appointments. In it, you will learn how to overcome the common pit falls of managing your day, what tools to use, and how best to use them!   What is your … [Continue reading]

Don’t let the Naysayers Stop you!

Don't let the Naysayers Stop you!

  Have you noticed how powerful a naysayer can be? They are the people who see the glass half empty, say negative and mean things about what you are doing. It’s almost as if they know when you are feeling happy, doing something fun, healthy or … [Continue reading]

ADHD and Gluten

adhd and gluten

Do you know which food sensitivity is most frequently connected with ADHD? Gluten. In fact, some researchers believe 70-80 percent of ADDers have a gluten sensitivity. Gluten is a protein substance found in most grains, (wheat, barley, rye) and … [Continue reading]