ADHD and Feeling ‘Behind’ in Life

People living with ADHD often report that they are ‘behind in life.’ This feeling of being ‘behind’ is coupled with feelings of frustration, ‘if only’s and a little despair.

When you feel ‘behind’ it is usually compared to where you thought you would be at this phase of your life, or in comparison to what similar aged friends are doing, or to traditional milestones that are considered normal. For example, graduating at 21 years old, being happily married with children at 30, and retiring at 65. [Read more…]

ADHD and Fun

If I asked you, ‘What do you do for fun?’

How would you reply?

Would your mind go blank?

Or do you have a whole list on the tip of your tongue of things that are fun things for you?

If your mind went blank… you aren’t alone. Most adults have a similar response, unless they have consciously spent time considering this question. [Read more…]

ADHD and Feeling in Charge of Your Time

When you are living with ADHD it is easy to feel like you aren’t in charge of your life.

One reason for this is it can be hard to get yourself to take action without a deadline looming, or other external accountability.

If you spend your days taking action on the urgent tasks yet not getting to do the important-to-you tasks you can feel…

  • Uneasy at the end of each day, without really knowing why.
  • A little envious of people who are experiencing success in areas you want to be successful.
  • Resentful of people in your life who are making requests on your time.
  • You might delay going to bed so you can get a few more things done.

In this video you will learn how to make a shift from relying on external prompts to get things done, to doing the activities that are a priority for you.

You will learn…

  • What you can do, starting today, to make that shift.
  • Why I know you can do this, even if your first thought is you can’t.
  • How to shift the messages you tell yourself so they are supportive.



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How Does Vitamin D Help ADHD?

Vitamin D is a superhero among vitamins! Yet it is only recently that we realize it had super powers.

20 years ago, we thought Vitamins Ds job was to make strong bones, because of its role in regulating calcium. Now we know Vitamin D plays a much bigger role than just our bones. It has a vital part in our physical, mental and psychological well being.

Vitamin D is the only Vitamin that is a hormone and each tissue in the body has Vitamin D receptors. Vitamin D is needed by every part of our body, including our brain, heart and immune system, so that we can operate at our best. Having optimum levels of Vitamin D protects against many illnesses and diseases including depression, flu, cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers and much more. [Read more…]

ADHD and Circle of Brilliance

Hazel was making her morning coffee. The house was quiet and morning sun was shining through the window. It would have been the perfect way to start the day, except Hazel had an uneasy feeling in the bottom of her stomach. It seemed to be her constant companion these days.

The last few years had been tough. It was hard to admit because Hazel usually considered herself to be relatively successful and happy. Yet life just seemed so hard for her in a way it wasn’t for other people. [Read more…]

ADHD and Overthinking

Are you an overthinker? Overthinking is when you can’t stop thinking about a topic, even though it is making you miserable. Your brain is stuck in a loop and you play out a situation or memory again and again. While another person might think about a topic, process it and switch to a new one, your brain continues to ruminate.

Rarely (if ever) does overthinking bring joy. Instead it makes you feel bad about yourself and puts you in a blue mood. Negative thoughts are like magnets, they draw other bad memories into your mind. After ruminating on all these difficult memories it is hard to feel positive about the future. [Read more…]

ADHD and Meal Planning

When you have ADHD, meal planning can be a logistically challenging! This is because it involves all the things that can be difficult when you have ADHD; like making decisions, paying attention to details and forward planning. However, meal planning is a skill worth developing. Because when you eat healthy, ADHD-friendly food, your unwanted ADHD symptoms can be minimized.

“When I changed the way I ate (as Jacqui recommended), a lot of the things I thought were due to ADHD just disappeared.”
– Mark Kawate

[Read more…]

Why Reading on a Kindle is Great for ADHDers

A little while ago I wrote an article called ‘How to Read a Book When You Have ADHD’. Its aim was to stop ADHDers from feeling guilty if they didn’t read books in the traditional linear way.

After that article, people emailed me asking for tips to read novels, which do have to be read beginning to end. Lots of people said their mind would wander or they would stop reading half way through the book even if they were enjoying it.

This article is about the benefits of reading books on a Kindle  when you have ADHD. [Read more…]

ADHD And The Groundhog Day Cycle

February 2nd is Groundhog Day! Tradition has it that Groundhogs can predict whether winter will continue or spring will come early.

In the 1993 movie, Groundhog Day, Bill Murray plays a grumpy TV meteorologist. He is sent to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to report on Groundhog Day. Murray hates the town and its cheery residents so when he gets stuck in a time loop living the same day again and again, it’s somewhat of a nightmare for him. [Read more…]