ADHD and Bags

Did you ever see the Friends episode where Joey starts to carry a bag that looks a bit like a woman’s purse? He is very proud of it and calls it a Man Bag.

This is how Joey describes his new bag to his skeptical friends.

‘At first I thought it just looked good, but it’s practical too. Check it out. It has compartments for all your stuff: wallet, keys, address book.’

Then he reaches into the front pocket and retrieves a sandwich to snack on. [Read more…]

ADHD and Your Work Environment

Last week’s article answered the question, “What are the best careers for ADHDers?” Rather than finding the answer in a generic list of careers, it’s all about you, your interests and unique strengths. This is because if your job doesn’t capture your interest, it’s hard to feel motivated and your ADHD symptoms get worse.

These days we know that ADHD lasts a lifetime, (it can be successfully treated and managed though!) but the old wisdom was that ADHD was a childhood condition that people outgrew. One factor that supported this belief is that ADHD symptoms can seem to ‘disappear’ (at least to an outsider). [Read more…]

What is The Best Career For ADHDers?

A question I get asked a lot is, ‘What are the best careers for people with ADHD?’

I wish there was an easy answer! Or a maybe even a list of jobs that people with ADHD enjoy and excel in.

But it’s not that simple.

Just as there isn’t one ADHD medication that works for everyone living with ADHD, or one type of exercise that all ADHDers love, it’s the same with careers and jobs.

A dream job for you could be another ADHDer’s worst job ever. [Read more…]

Depression and ADHD

When past client Harry booked a coaching session, I was excited to see him again. We had worked closely together 8 years ago and at that time, Harry had made many positive changes in his life. These changes helped his ADHD and created a life he loved. Now, like lots of past clients, he booked appointments every few years for a ‘top up’ session.

Harry arrived for his appointment and after happy exchanges –

‘It’s so good to see you again,’

‘You look just the same,’ 

–We took our seats and Harry promptly burst into tears.

This was unexpected. Harry is a naturally cheerful happy person. [Read more…]

ADHD and Feeling ‘Behind’ in Life

People living with ADHD often report that they are ‘behind in life.’ This feeling of being ‘behind’ is coupled with feelings of frustration, ‘if only’s and a little despair.

When you feel ‘behind’ it is usually compared to where you thought you would be at this phase of your life, or in comparison to what similar aged friends are doing, or to traditional milestones that are considered normal. For example, graduating at 21 years old, being happily married with children at 30, and retiring at 65. [Read more…]

ADHD and Fun

If I asked you, ‘What do you do for fun?’

How would you reply?

Would your mind go blank?

Or do you have a whole list on the tip of your tongue of things that are fun things for you?

If your mind went blank… you aren’t alone. Most adults have a similar response, unless they have consciously spent time considering this question. [Read more…]

ADHD and Feeling in Charge of Your Time

When you are living with ADHD it is easy to feel like you aren’t in charge of your life.

One reason for this is it can be hard to get yourself to take action without a deadline looming, or other external accountability.

If you spend your days taking action on the urgent tasks yet not getting to do the important-to-you tasks you can feel…

  • Uneasy at the end of each day, without really knowing why.
  • A little envious of people who are experiencing success in areas you want to be successful.
  • Resentful of people in your life who are making requests on your time.
  • You might delay going to bed so you can get a few more things done.

In this video you will learn how to make a shift from relying on external prompts to get things done, to doing the activities that are a priority for you.

You will learn…

  • What you can do, starting today, to make that shift.
  • Why I know you can do this, even if your first thought is you can’t.
  • How to shift the messages you tell yourself so they are supportive.



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How Does Vitamin D Help ADHD?

Vitamin D is a superhero among vitamins! Yet it is only recently that we realize it had super powers.

20 years ago, we thought Vitamins Ds job was to make strong bones, because of its role in regulating calcium. Now we know Vitamin D plays a much bigger role than just our bones. It has a vital part in our physical, mental and psychological well being.

Vitamin D is the only Vitamin that is a hormone and each tissue in the body has Vitamin D receptors. Vitamin D is needed by every part of our body, including our brain, heart and immune system, so that we can operate at our best. Having optimum levels of Vitamin D protects against many illnesses and diseases including depression, flu, cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers and much more. [Read more…]

ADHD and Circle of Brilliance

Hazel was making her morning coffee. The house was quiet and morning sun was shining through the window. It would have been the perfect way to start the day, except Hazel had an uneasy feeling in the bottom of her stomach. It seemed to be her constant companion these days.

The last few years had been tough. It was hard to admit because Hazel usually considered herself to be relatively successful and happy. Yet life just seemed so hard for her in a way it wasn’t for other people. [Read more…]