ADHD Productivity Tip

ADD productivity tipThis productivity tip comes from Brian Tracy’s book, Eat That Frog!

Mark Twain said that, if you eat a frog for breakfast, the rest of the day is a breeze because you have already done the worst thing you have to do that day!

Many productivity books suggest doing the task you least want to first. However, having the image of a frog makes it much more powerful. ADHDers are very visual, so it’s a fun strategy to think what your ‘frog’ is each morning.

Sometimes, it will be something scary.

Sometimes, it will be a task you have been procrastinating on.

And other times, it will be the task that is important to moving you towards your goals, but would get put to the bottom of your to do list because smaller, less important tasks would distract you.

What happens on days when you have 2 important things you need to do? Brian says, “Eat the ugliest one first!”

Besides blitzing through all your unpleasant ‘to dos’, another benefit of doing your worst task first is that you feel so accomplished when it’s done, you want to do something else. It sets you up to be productive for the rest of the day.

Action for the week:

1) Each day, pick your ‘frog task’.
2) Make sure it’s the first task you do that day
3) Notice how good you feel when it’s done
4) Notice how you continue to be productive for the rest of the day

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