ADHD and Mail!

post-972996_640Adults with ADHD often have problems opening their mail. It comes through the post, gets put on a table or ‘pile‘ of things then doesn’t get opened; perhaps for months. There is a chance that an interesting looking envelope gets opened, but the unappealing ones are put aside for later.


The problem with this method is that every time you see the growing mound of envelops, you feel anxious and uncomfortable dread feeling sweeps over you. This strategy is pricey in emotional and financial cost. Unpaid bills and parking tickets and taxes start to gather interest Unpaid bills can also result in your credit rating going down.

Try these steps to keep on top of your mail

1. Have a time of day every day that you will open your post.
For example, as soon as you come in from work or after supper.

2. Create an area in your home for opening post. Have a recycling box, a shredder, pin board and other mail related items, such as labels with your address, stamps ( local and international), cheque book, etc. This makes sending out something in the mail very easy too.

3. When your post arrives take it to your special area.

4. Recycle the non essentials.

5. Shred anything with your name on it (protect against identity theft).

6. If action is needed on a piece of mail and you can do it right away do it, DO IT!

7. If it requires an action that you can’t do right away, such as run an errand, make a phone call, look in your agenda and decide when you will be able to do it and mark it down.

8. Pin the piece of mail that still needs action  to a pin board so it’s safe and visible so you won’t forget.

9. File in your filing cabinet anything that needs to be kept.

10. Enjoy the feeling of being on top of your mail!!


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