12 Tips to Manage your Email

Emails can be a total pleasure and a total pain. It’s wonderful to be able to keep in touch and communicate with people all over the world. Yet, at times the barrage of messages can feel overwhelming and writing emails can become a full time job.
Here are my 12 top tips so that emails work for and not against you:

1) Have a set time or times in your day when you check your email. Don’t have your email account open all day; this is how emails eat up your day. Perhaps, two 30 minute chunks of time.

2) If you have to send an email with multiple topics, create a heading for each topic. It’s easier for you to write and easier for the recipient to read.

3) Keep emails short and to the point. ADHD adults are chatty and knowledgeable, but emails don’t need to be written as you would talk. By keeping them to the point, it will be will be much quicker for you to write and easier for the recipient to

4) If you spend lots of time on your computer and are a slow typist, take typing lessons. Learning to type is one of the most useful skills I have ever learned. It saves so much time.

5) Unsubscribe to email newsletters that are now longer interesting to you. They clog up your inbox, and become a ‘useful’ distraction when you have important things to do.

6) Be very careful what you write in an email. Any lawyer will tell you this. If it’s of a sensitive matter and you wouldn’t want other people reading it, pick up the phone and talk instead. Emails can accidentally get sent to the wrong people very easily.

7) Get comfortable with the delete button. As a polite person, I am sure when someone send you an email you want to reply. However, it’s not necessary to reply to all emails.

8) Don’t spend time reading those ‘funny’ emails that friends send out in mass.
They are a huge time waster.

9) If you find yourself answering the same or similar questions, create a ‘stock email’ for that question.You can personalize it, but, it saves you having to reinvent the wheel every time.

10) Email isn’t always quicker. Sometimes it’s easier to pick up the phone to communicate a point than spending time writing everything in an email.

11) Turn writing emails into a game. Set your timer for 30 minutes and have a goal of “X” number of emails to write in that time. You become more productive and enjoy a sense of fun.

12) If you have an email to write, but it is causing you anxiety. Set your timer for 15 minutes. Most emails can be written in that time. Knowing that any pain you are experiencing will be over in 15 minutes or less helps get the job done. Then give yourself a reward afterwards.


  1. Javier says:

    Wow wow… after so long reading about ADHD and how to be productive one just think that all is already written and that you have read it all once and again… but look, points 11 and 12 … they are simply brilliant ideas I never heard about. And the whole set of 12 tips is really gold thing… I’m printing it out us such! thank you very much Jacqueline.

  2. Just signed up for your ezine… hope I don’t have to delete it due to lack of interest…!!! Just messing with you…
    Email is a blessing and a curse to be sure. I have my web designer setting me up on Gmail next week in order to organize and tame the email beast a bit better.

  3. J.Feeser says:

    Sound tips for me to follow. So easy to get bogged down with the non-important. I also utilize the feature in my email of directing different types of email (ie family, newsletters, etc) to different folders so I can tend to business first.

    • Jacqueline Sinfield says:

      That is a great idea about directing different types of email to folders so can focus on what is most important first. What email system do you use?

  4. Jacqueline Sinfield says:

    J! So happy it was helpful 🙂
    Those 30 minute power email sessions are a great way to be able to get lots of other tasks done as well as responding to email promptly.

  5. J. Beahm says:

    Very helpful! I have an ebay business and while I pride myself on always getting back to people quickly, I can still accomplish that by setting aside 30 minutes sessions. Thank you!

  6. Some great tips! I have done some unsubscribing and brought the kitchen timer into the office

  7. I like your tip about only checking e-mail at a certain time of the day. I am so easily enslaved by my inbox! I feel like I need to check it all the time! In reality, things really can wait an hour or so.

    • Jacqueline Sinfield says:

      Hi Hailey!!
      We can make up rules for ourselves, like ‘I need to check email all the time’ . But those rules can be broken, and we when we can habits/rules we end up being happier and more productive! Let me know how it goes!

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