Is Adult ADHD Preventing You From Reaching Your Full Potential?

Do you…

  • Have difficulty concentrating?
  • Experience internal resistance when trying to get tasks done?
  • Have difficulty working out your priorities?
  • Have problems reaching goals?
  • Arrive late for appointments?
  • Struggle with other time-management issues?
  • Have energy highs and lows?
  • Lunge from one trauma to another?
  • Have difficulty seeing a project through to the end?
  • Experience a negative inner voice?
  • Suffer with low self-esteem?
  • Feel stressed?
  • Struggle to manage paper work and check book?


  • One Private Coaching Session
  • One 60-minute Session

During the 60 minute coaching session we will address your most pressing problems or worries. You will leave with an understanding of why it is happening in relation to ADHD and, more importantly, what action steps to take so you can change and improve your situation.

This 60 minute coaching session is perfect if

  • You have questions about your ADHD that you haven’t been able to get answered from reading books or websites.
  • You want expert insight about your unique situation and don’t need accountability or support implementing those suggestions.
  • You are a parent and want answers to your child’s ADHD problems so that you can understand how best to support them.
  • You are curious about what coaching is, how it works and want to try it out before investing in a larger coaching package.
  • You are a former client and want a ‘top-up’ or refresher session.

Booking your appointment is super easy!  Simply pick out a time slot that works for you on the online calendar.

Session Rate: $160

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Private Coaching

  • Ten 60-minute Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited email support between coaching sessions.

This 10 week coaching package is perfect if you are ready for some big, lasting changes in your life. In the first coaching session, we identify the exact problems you are facing, and I learn about you and your life. Using that information, I create your unique plan of action. Over the following weeks, we work together to implement that plan. Although 10 weeks is the usual amount of time for new habits and behaviors to become effortless, you will start to see and feel results in as little as 1 week.

The regular coaching sessions provide support and accountability; even if you haven’t been able to make changes before, you will succeed this time! You won’t be asked to do anything that doesn’t work for your personality or lifestyle.

Booking your appointment is super easy!

Simply pick out a time slot for your first appointment from the online calendar.


Don’t worry if you have a vacation booked because the 10 weeks do not have to be consecutive.
Session Rate: $1500
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One whole day dedicated to you! Just you and Jacqueline blitzing all your ADHD challenges.
Package Rate: $2,497

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